How To Make Paper

Making your own paper is fun and easy!


scrap paper (as much as you want)

two bowls

large piece of muslin

boiling water


  1. Shred paper into bowl.
  2. Pour in boiling hot water. (Kettle is required.)
  3. Leave to soak.
  4. Get another bowl. Drape muslin on top and pour paper mixture onto muslin. The water drips into bowl below. Add glitter and sequins if you want.

When paper dries, remove from muslin. You can squeeze glitter glue onto the  paper as well, if you want.


You can buy paper making sets online or maybe in a craft shop or your local shop. Paper making instructions may vary on different websites/instructions. However, you don’t always need a paper making kit to make great paper!

Warning! Handmade paper can be very fragile.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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