Quick How-To: How to Jump on a Bed!

Have you ever listened to the children’s song

‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed’?

Do you wish you could jump on the bed like the monkeys??

OK. For some reason, people, especially children, LOVE to jump on beds. If you don’t know how to jump on a bed, you are in trouble. Although your mum would be very happy about this (she won’t have to buy you a new mattress every month).

So, I am going to give you the ability to…… JUMP ON A BED!!!

How to jump on a bed:

Way No.1:

  1. Get onto a bed with a mattress. Sitting in the middle of the mattress is preferable.
  2. Get into a squat, sit in the middle of the mattress, which is in the middle of the bed. Balance yourself with your finger tips lightly.
  3. Very quickly, stretch your legs up and use the force of your legs to push you up. Pull your arms up to your chest.
  4. When your legs are almost completely straight, very quickly pull them up towards your body, so you are in mid-air.
  5. When you start going back down, stretch your legs out, and fall back into a squat. Feel free to use your hands and arms to break your fall.
  6. Once you stop moving and are back on the bed, you will probably see you are back in a squat position.
  7. Now you are done with your first jump. Repeat steps 3-7 as many times as you wish!

Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!

Steps 3-6 in way No.1 are super fast! It is approx. 3 seconds from the moment you start step 3 till the moment you finish step 6!!!!!!!!


Way No.2:


  1. Tuck the part of your legs under your knees under the part on your legs that is above your knees. You can do this any part of your mattress.
  2. Sit on your feet, still in the same position as in step 1.
  3. Bend over so your chest is on your thighs.
  4. Tuck your head so your chin is on your knees.
  5. Put your hands and forearms down on the mattress.
  6. Un-tuck your head so you are comfortable.
  7. Flex your feet so that you are on the balls of you feet.
  8. Push your legs, feet and bottom upwards; but keep your forearms and hands on the mattress.
  9. Let your head, neck and upper body, except your forearms and hands loose. Relax your muscles, but keep your legs in the same position!!
  10. As you start falling down again, pull your body back together again.
  11. Drop the calves slightly down.
  12. Make sure you fall onto the balls of your feet!
  13. Once you hit the mattress, relax for a moment.
  14. Repeat steps 8-14 as many times as you wish!


I hope this guide was useful! If you have any questions about how to jump on a bed, feel free to comment them!


~by Venus




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