The Brave Princess – Chapter 23


The Brave Princess


Chapter 23


The ambulance hummed on peacefully, until Kimana broke the silence. ‘It’s getting late, do you want something to eat?’ she said and drove into a drive-thru of a fast food chain and ordered Alice a burger and a cup of orange juice. Alice took a small sip of the juice, but it was far too…..  Sweet? Sour? Alice didn’t know.

An hour later, Kimana said, ‘You’ve barely touched your food! Alice, are you feeling all right?’

But Alice replied, ‘I am touching it, look!’ and bounced her finger on her burger.

Alice,’ Kimana said, gave her a stern yet gentle look and shook her head, but smiled warmly.

Alice didn’t touch her food the rest of the trip. Once the stars started to twinkle, Alice nodded her head to sleep.

All of a sudden, Alice heard a very loud HONK!!! ‘What’s the matter…!?’ Alice opened her eyes and tried to stand up, but she was locked to her seat by her seat belt.

‘Alice! Are you alright? Sorry that I woke you up – I’ve been behind these very slow-moving cars for a very long time and Charelynn says that Scarlett and Maria are getting worse!’ Kimana said, her eyes on the road. She honked the horn once more, and the slow-moving cars parted, letting the ambulance past. ‘Oh, and I just got a call from the hospital that Michael arrived in Australia and is being treated.’ she added.

‘Oh, umm.. alright,’ Alice said, and almost fell asleep when the words hit her. ‘Oh. How are Scarlett and Maria? How far from Love’n’Hopia? From the hospital? Kimana, please reply!’ Alice shot at Kimana.

‘Alice, Alice. It’s OK. Maria and Scarlett were getting a high fever, but the medicine should be working now. And we are about five minutes from Love’n’ho; OH, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!’ Kimana yelled. The four black cars that were blocking the ambulance just moments earlier had sped up and were now blocking the ambulance once more.

‘Oh, dear!’ Alice whispered, and shrank down in her seat.

‘OK! There is only one way to sort this! It’s the LAW!!’ Kimana yelled, turned on the siren and honked the horn. The cars parted once again, and Kimana rusheed the ambulance through the gap and went one hundred and twelve kilometer an hour straight to the hospital.

Once the hospital came into sight, Kimana, slowed down to fifty kilometers an hour, but kept looking back in the mirror. The cars were just visable on the horizon. They looked as if they were going very slowly, but Kimana kept saying, ‘And what if they speed up, those mad men??’ Alice could not argue with that.

They pulled into the ambulance bay, where lots of nurses and doctors in special suits came and unloaded Maria, Scarlett, Kimana, Alice and Charelynn with care. They gave all five of the women plenty of medicine, which, magically, cured Maria and Scarlett in only three weeks.

After more than two months, Maria, Scarlett, Alice, Charlynn, and Kimana were free to go. But the hospital did not let Kimana have an ambulance to take Alice, Scarlett and Maria back to the hotel.

‘But, we give you this huge double decker van, OK?’ One doctor offered, after Kimana yelled at them.

‘Yes, we’ll take it!’ Alice quickly said, when Kimana opened her mouth to respond to it. ‘But we will need it stocked!’

The doctor opened his mouth to reply, but he just led Alice and Kimana to the car park. He gave them the keys, and walked off. Kimana opened the door and found it was full of food, had a composting toilet, had beds and blankets and everything they needed!

Kimana got out of the van, locked it and said, ‘Alice, how do you always do it all sooo well?’ but walked off without an answer towards Maria, Scarlett and Charelynn. Soon, the four women came to the van, made themselves comfortable in beds, chairs or on the sofa.

But after the traveled for only twenty minutes, the black cars blocked them again. Kimana reached for the siren button, but there was none. ‘Drat!’

A few minutes later, Kimana had to suddenly brake, because the black cars stopped. Kimana honked the horn, but they would not move.

And then five men dressed in black came out of each car. They surrounded the van………..



~~~~~~End Of Chapter 23~~~~~~


~by Venus






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