How NOT-to: How NOT to say Hello!


Do you know how to say hello? If not, you can see how to on my Quick How-To about that.

If you know how to say hello, you might want to know how not to say it, so you don’t do something to make someone make themselves feel hurt.




  1. Something not nice. I won’t say ‘Treat other how you want to be treated’, because if you want to be pinched, then what people are saying is more like: ‘Feel free to pinch others’.

Examples of not nice things to say:

  • “Hello! I don’t like you clothes!” and then push them.
  • “HEY! You are silly!”
  • Hello, you are weird!”
  • “I don’t like you!”
  • “I despise you! Hello!”
  • Other things like this, or that most people don’t like being told.


Also, you can’t say it differently from the way I told you to do it in my other post, Quick How-To: How to say Hello! , you might want to get some help.


~by Venus


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