My Koala Research Project


Cuddly koalas might look like bears, but they are not. An adult koala can weigh anywhere between four and fifteen kilograms. It is covered in soft fur, lead-coloured on the back, and white on the belly. The ears are short, erect and pointed, with long, white hairs coming out of them. It has no tail, and has a sitting posture. The cute appearance of a koala is not easy to deny for most.

The koala lives only in certain parts of Australia. Eucalyptus forests and woods in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria are where koalas have been found. Koalas do not live in Western Australia, Northern Territory, or any other place on Earth in the wild. The koala has a very interesting and hot home.

Koalas have a very strict diet of Eucalyptus leaves. An adult koala is known to eat between two hundred and five hundred grams of leaves a day! Koalas might look as if they eat from any gum tree, but they are quite fussy, eating and sitting on only 120 species of Eucalyptus, out of the approximately six hundred species. Koalas are quite fussy eaters!

The koala’s fluffy fur is not just cute; the lead and white coloured fur is used for protection, too! The colour combination allows them to blend into and hide in the treetops from predators. No wonder they are often hard to find!

There are many interesting facts about this astounding animal. For one, koalas are NOT bears, although people often call them “koala bears”, which is incorrect. Another fact is that koalas cannot be kept as pets legally! Also, the native Aboriginals call the koala “koala-wombat”. The last fact I will add is that koala droppings, or poo, are often called Eucalyptus drops, as you can smell Eucalyptus in them. The koala really is a fascinating animal!



~by Venus


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