How To Play Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a party classic. It’s been played for many years by both children and adults alike. And it hasn’t only been used as a party game – before modern technology was invented, children played it for hours any day!

Most people know how to play musical chairs. But if you need a little hint to ring the bell, here are the rules:

  1. Start by setting the chairs up. There are many ways how to put them; in a circle, in a square, two rows back to back…. The possibilities are endless! It’s up to you how you do it.
  2. Now, tell all the players to each sit on a chair. There should be as many players as there are chairs.
  3. Start the music. When it starts, the players will start walking around the group of chairs. While the music is playing, take one chair out, so there is one child more than there are chairs.
  4. Stop the music. All the players must try to sit down on any chair as soon as possible. The player standing is out. If you are playing with young kids that might get upset if they don’t win, you can make another bunch or chairs elsewhere, then if they are out, they can still play their own game with those.
  5. Keep playing the music, taking a chair out, and eliminating a player till there is only one player left – the winner! If you are playing with small children who might get upset that they don’t get a prize (if you give out prizes), then give them a small prize too.

Now, that probably sound complicated. But it is not – I just put way too much detail in. Here is a simplified version:

  1. Put chairs in a circle.
  2. Play some music. Players walk around the chairs. While music is playing, take one chair out of the circle.
  3. When music stops, all players sit down. Person who does not sit down is out.
  4. Repeat this until there is one player left – the winner!

Easy? Great! I hope you have fun playing this game. Take the time to play this game with your child/sibling/friends once in a while – or perhaps everyday?



~by Venus


Party Game: How To Mix A Potion

Mix a potion in a party idea of my own. I made it up myself. Me. Venus. I made it up while planning a Harry Potter-Barbie party last November for myself and one of my friends (her birthday is one day before mine, so we have a linked party ūüôā ). I found a recipe online somewhere about making a potion out of glue, water and borax, which makes the very popular SLIME. I thought that this was a nice idea, but it would be even better if we could eat/drink out potion. So I decided to make it edible.


Possible Ingredients:

There are no ingredients you really need for this – just whatever you have in you pantry or fridge! You will need a ‘base’ for your potion – it can be partly set jelly, partly melted ice cream, whipped cream or anything else that is fluid enough to be able to be mixed in with some other ingredients.

Possible topping ingredients:

  • Shredded or desiccated coconut
  • Sprinkles, 100s & 1000, Cachous (those hard bead-like things that are used to decorate cakes, also called peals), and other cake decorating things
  • Crushed biscuit
  • Raisins/sultanas
  • Crushed Chocolate
  • Shredded carrots, cucumbers, apples or any other fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s)
  • Table sugar
  • Icing sugar
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Shredded cheese
  • Smarties/M&Ms
  • Anything else edible that you have on hand


Other things you will need:

  • Cups or ice cream cones
  • Bow
  • Spoons
  • Straws
  • Ice cream, partly set jelly, whipped cream, or whatever else your ‘base’ will be.


How to play/make:

This should be done on the morning of the party:

  1. ¬†If using jelly as the base, make the jelly (any flavour you want/have) and put in fridge until it is cool, but not solid. Once it is starting to thicken, fill the cups or ice cream cones about half way full of¬† jelly. Put them in the fridge immediately. Check on them every 10-15 min. If they thicken, don’t let them set. Take them out till they aren’t thick. Try to make this a game at the start so you don’t keep running to the fridge (people might think you are eating the cake!)
  2. Take out some bowls. Fill each with different things such as raisins, cake decorations, sugar, etc. Put a spoon in each bowl.

When you are ready for the children to have some fun…

  1. Give each child an ice cream cone/ cup with base inside it and tell them to make a potion by putting somethings in their cups/cones.
  2. Once they are finished, give each a thick (smoothie) straw to each so they can try to  drink their potion and (if it is an ice cream cone) ice cream cone!


  • Use an ice cream cone (You don’t have to wash them!)
  • Check for allergies before setting it out – you don’t want the blame! And they don’t want the pain!
  • Put the jelly in the cups/cones approx. 30 minutes before you are going to start out. Otherwise, keep putting the jelly in and out of the fridge so it stays not too firm, but not too fluid, either.
  • You can whip the cream yourself with a blender, or buy a bottle of the one that comes out the top with a sqqqqquirt!



I hope you have a great time with this activity. It is really fun and easy – prefect for a little witch or wizards party!

BIG How-To: How To Get Sick With The Flu

Well, most of us do not want to get the flu. But, if you are feeling too well, or just want attention, here is the how-to. But my warning is that it is super hard to get the Flu on purpose!

How to get the usually dreaded FLU:

Quick note: try as many of the things on this list as possible for a higher chance of getting the Flu.

Quick warning: You might also get sick with things that you DO NOT WANT!!! So, please do not try any of these!!

Another quick warning: This might go worse than you want. It might turn out to be a really bad case of the flu that you catch is a really bad case, and it might go WAYYYYYY worse than you wanted. So, PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS!!!

  • Get close to people who already have the flu.¬†¬† It is highly contagious, so the more and the closer (but not too close; they might just run away because they think it is creepy and you won’t get the flu at all) you are to them, the more chance you will get the horrible flu.
  • Touch as many things you can in the shops and don’t wash your hands. Bits of the virus might be on clothing or door knobs or on the floor, or really anywhere.
  • Don’t get a flu shot. The flu shot is made to prevent the flu, so if you don’t have it, then you have more of a chance to get the flu!
  • Sit on the couch a lot
  • Eat junk food. If you don’t eat well, you might get weaker and it will be easier for the flu to get you.
  • Don’t exercise. Avoid it at all cost! It will weaken your immune system or something (I don’t remember exactly why).


So, here you go! But try not to get too sick. Just a little, so you have a couple of days off school or work.

Warning: This post was mainly for a laugh. Don’t really try this, unless you really want to. If you decide to get the flu for some queer reason, don’t try to get it too bad.

~by Venus


How to get the flu

Quick How-To: How To Brush Barbie (Or Any Other Dolls) Hair

Have you ever played with a doll so much that her hair got into a fuzzy mess? Have you ever bought a Barbie doll from an OP shop? Well, these dolls probably have a case of “messy hair“!

But don’t worry – there is an easy fix! One word – brush! Yes, brush! Like you brush your own hair (unless, of course, your hair isn’t long,)! If you are having some trouble, read below for detailed instructions.


How to brush Barbie (or any other dolls) hair:

  You will need:

  1. A brush
  2. A doll
  3. You

  And for the how-to:

  1. Pick up your doll in one hand (preferably the hand you do not write with), and a brush in the other.
  2. Put the brush to the top of the dolls head, and press down. Pull the brush downwards to the tips of the hair.
  3. Repeat step 2 until the hair is smooth.
  4. Now you are done!
Happy Dolls!

Well, how is your doll’s hair now? Smooth? Silky? Well done! You can do this as much as you want now. And there is a fun fact too……







~by Venus


How To Make Fuzzy Stars

Do you like making stars? There are many kinds:


Today I’ll teach you (if you don’t already know) how to make a Fuzzy Star:


Get a pen or pencil (if it is a pencil make sure it is really dark when you draw lightly).

Make lines very lightly, a few for where every line should be. Don’t worry if it sometimes doesn’t draw. It has a nice look. You can be a little sloppy, if you want.

You can make any type of star. I’ll show you how to make some other nice ones soon.

Father’s Day Key Rings!

It is almost Father’s Day! Isn’t it exciting? We can make up dances, plays, poems, crafts, activities, skits, and anything else imaginable for him. It’s one of his few special days (don’t forget about his Birthday and Christmas)!

At Girl Guides, we made Father’s Day key rings for him, which is quite handy. Often they want to hold all the keys to all the doors, windows, safes, garages, cars, old keys that don’t fit any locks (so it looks as if they have a lot of things), motorbikes, and anything else they have a key to (or not). And now he will show off his key ring even more, since you made it yourself!


You will need:


  • fishing wire
  • some beads
  • a tag
  • a key ring
  • some charms (if you want)


How to make it:


  1. Put three knots at one end of the fishing wire.
  2. Thread on some beads and/or charms.
  3. Put the tag onto the key ring.
  4. Thread the key ring onto the fishing wire with the beads.
  5. Put three knots next to the key ring with the tag.
  6. Knot the two ends of the fishing wire together so the key ring won’t fall off.
  7. Optional: Write something, such as you dad’s name or, “Happy Father’s Day”, or anything you want on the piece of paper in the tag.






I hope you have an awesome Father’s Day this coming Sunday (03/09/2017)! If you are reading this post too late, or are in a different country, bookmark this page and follow us to make sure you don’t miss your chance next time!


~by Venus

How To Make Paper

Making your own paper is fun and easy!


scrap paper (as much as you want)

two bowls

large piece of muslin

boiling water


  1. Shred paper into bowl.
  2. Pour in boiling hot water. (Kettle is required.)
  3. Leave to soak.
  4. Get another bowl. Drape muslin on top and pour paper mixture onto muslin. The water drips into bowl below. Add glitter and sequins if you want.

When paper dries, remove from muslin. You can squeeze glitter glue onto the  paper as well, if you want.


You can buy paper making sets online or maybe in a craft shop or your local shop. Paper making instructions may vary on different websites/instructions. However, you don’t always need a paper making kit to make great paper!

Warning! Handmade paper can be very fragile.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Leonardo da Vinci

I have been learning about Leonardo da Vinci. My class has been making art like his and the teacher has read us stories about him.


When Leonardo was a child he was walking past a shop that had some birds outside in cages. He bought them all and let them go. The shop keeper was surprised but Leonardo ignored him. He did it because he hated seeing people trap animals in cages and killing them. When they were all gone, he said,Birds, give me the secret of your wings.‘¬†and went home.

Here is a drawing that Leonardo da Vinci did that I copied.


When Leonardo was still young, a man wanted Leonardos teacher to do a painting on his shield. Leonardo said that he would do the job. He took the shield and heated it in a fire to bend it into a better shape. Then he drew a very scary monster on it; it as part bat, part lizard and part snake. Later, the man whose shield it was came back to the shop. When he saw the Leonardo’s work, he screamed and ran out of the shop! Leonardo went after him and said,¬†‘Come, look closer‘. The man laughed when he realised his mistake.


Leonardo had curly gold hair and bright blue eyes. He painted lots of pictures and invented lots of things. Some of his inventions had lots of cogs.


You can read more stories about him in Vasari’s¬†‘Lives of the Artists’.


How To Make a Parachute Kid

They’re easy, fun and quick to make! I invented them, and I hope you enjoy making them!

Here’s how:

  1. Draw your boy or girl. They ought to be medium, not too small or too big. Make a whole family if you want! Remember to give them parachutes.
  2. Make the plane however you like. I’m terrible at them, but it’s no problem for me, because the plane doesn’t have to fly too far.
  3. Put your paper figurines into the middle fold of the plane¬†that will hold them quite well. Now they’re ready for takeoff!
  4. Launch them into the air. The plane will crash but they will have evacuated! (Evacuated means deserted, or left.)
  5. Fly your plane as often as you like, even make a collection! Happy flying!

How To Make a loom Band Headdress

I made one for myself. It looks weird and funny, but is comfortable and won’t slip off you head Here’s how:

1. Select your colour. I did mine all different colours, so express your style!

2. Start working. I don’t use a loom- just my fingers. You can do fish-tail, or even thread charms and beads onto it.

3. Make sure it fits. Slip it onto your head.

3. So that it won’t fall off, make a strap. Not the sort you do up, just the sort you slip on. Check that it’s the right width and attach it to the head-piece.

4.Now attach a loom band to a side (or the back) of your head-piece. Keep on going and then attach it to the side opposite it. It has to be loose.

5. Add more of these criss-crosses, or just as many as you like.

6. If you think that your work of art looks a little less arty than it should, try adding stuff like small strings made of loom bands with charms and beads on the end! I liked mine as it was, so these tips are just some suggestions.

Enjoy your finished, real, PERFECT work of art!

the front
the back
and the side!