Polish Poem

This is my first Polish poem ever (I think). My mum helped me a lot, because she knows Polish very well.

Zimy nie lubię

Bo klucze gubię

W śniegu i wodzie

Tylko nie na lodzie

Mama mówi “oi”

I ja no to “ahoj”!

Use google translate to find out what it means. Although it gets a few words wrong, so here they are:

lodzie = ice

mówi = says

nie = not

You also might have to add a few words or swap them around for it to make sense. It will sound funny without them.


~by Venus




Let’s Learn Polish!

Today we are learning all four seasons! Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter and Spring, all of them!

Word                                 Meaning

Lato                                                                                  Summer

Jesień                                                                               Autumn/Fall

Zima                                                                                 Winter

Wiosna                                                                             Spring


For pronunciation, use google! More words on the way! See you next time!

Let’s Learn Polish!

Would you like to learn some Polish? I learn it and it is actually quite easy! I’ll give some beginner words now, but you will get harder words in each post!


Word                 Pronunciation                 Meaning

ja                                                      yah                                                                                      I

ty                                                     ti (as in tip)                                                                      you

tak                                                   tahk                                                                                   yes

nie                                                    nye                                                                                    no

mama                                             mah-mah                                                                       mum

tata                                                   tah-tah                                                                            dad

dom                                                  dom                                                                           house/home

mapa                                                mah-pah                                                                         map

kawa                                                 kavah                                                                               coffee

woda                                                 vodah                                                                               water


Well, that’s a few easy words, for now. I will post some more soon!

More German

Hello again! I said I may be writing some more German words and here they are! (Don’t get annoyed with me if I write down some of the words I wrote down in my previous post; I don’t always have a very good memory.)

How they are written:                             How they are pronounced:            What they mean:

Bruder                                                            brooder                                                brother

sprechen                                                       sprechen                                              speak

lese                                                                 lese                                                         read

schreibe                                                         shribe                                                    write

spielen                                                         shpeelen                                                play

ich                                                                 Ich                                                           I

I’m afraid I don’t know any more languages. I may be sending more German but please don’t get your hopes up!germany-neuschwanstein20castle


I learn German. Would you like to learn some? Here are some starters. I’ve shown you how to write and pronounce them. They’re easy.

How they are written:        How to pronounce them:

grün                                         groon

meine                                        myna

Handy                                        handy

Guten nacht                              guten nacht

orange                                         ochange

haare                                           haare

du                                                  du

ja                                               ya

nein                                       nine

Translated into English, they are:  (in the right order)



mobile phone

Good night






If you’re thirsty for something different, I do know 2 words of Russian (yes, you would expect more, wouldn’t you, but these are the only Russian words I know.They’re easy to pronounce as well).

How to pronounce them:



They are:



I may be posting more next week!


Making Ravioli

A couple of days ago, we made ravioli from scratch.


First of all, we made the dough. We used eggs and flour. We liked making the dough into things like couches and dough-men. Then we put all of the dough together and went to play outside.


We put the dough through the pasta machine. That made it thin. We liked getting scraps and putting them through the machine too.


We laid out the thin sheets on the table and then we put filling in. We stuck them together with egg, then we cut out the pieces.


All the pasta was boiled in a great big pot. Hen it was cooked we ate it with parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and chopsticks.


I though it was really great!


By Marcia

using the pasta machine
ravioli ready to cook
eating ravioli and enjoying it!