Quick How-To: How To Eat Fruit

Well, it is pretty simple to eat a piece of this sweet food. And it is healthy, too!

How to eat a piece of fruit:

  1. Pick up the piece of fruit you wish to consume.
  2. Make sure the fruit is NOT rotten (I’ll do a how-to on this soon).
  3. Life the piece of fruit to your mouth.
  4. Bite into the fruit. Be careful not to bit too much, though!
  5. Chew the fruit in your mouth until it is a pulp.
  6. Swallow the fruit pulp.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 until all the fruit is gone.
  8. Now you are done!


How did it taste? Tangy? Sweet? Sour? I do hope you had enjoyed it!

What else would you like a how-to on? Is there a particular things you have trouble with? Your feed back would be most helpful!


~by Venus




The Life Of Ginny

So, this is a story back from December 2017. It is about a guinea pig named Gingercurtham, and his “boypig”, Peter. I thought you might want to read it again, or read it if you only just found Sunshine Bubble Station.


The Life Of Ginny

The Full Story


Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Ginny. Ginny is short for Ginger. And Ginger is short for Gingercurtham. Long name, right? Well, that is what my owners, Lucy and Mark, call me.

And they also have children – four of them! They are always putting their grubby hands on my fur. I do not want to sound mean, but seriously? Do they have any idea how hard it is to get mouth-water or cotton candy out of fur? I often need Peter to help me.

Peter is my room-mate and boy pig. I think humans call the them boyfriends. I once heard one of the children, Chris, the only boy, who is four, say that he is a boyfriend to some girl named Ciri or Siri or something of the such. I think she picked me up once, and she looks much bigger than Chris. Maybe fifteen years or so?

So, now it is breakfast time, anyway. Ella is just coming out with some fresh vegetables. Ohh, carrot is my favourite! And celery is Peter’s.

Oh, and if you were wondering, I have brown and white fur, and shiny white teeth which love chomping on carrots and grass.


Chapter 2

“Peter!” I shout. “Come back, honey carrot!”

Peter is often very cheeky, but something seems wrong today!

When Erin, the youngest daughter, came to give us lunch and opened the door to put the grass, hay and carrot in, Peter slipped out of the cage, under her hand, and is now running round the balcony (our cage is on the balcony).

And Erin’s hands look sticky, so I’ll probably have to help Peter later, as Erin will have to catch him. Oh, well. That is what you get for doing something as a Guinea Pig without permission.

After a while of Erin running around, Peter was back in the cage of me, giving me a quick kiss.

“Silly Peter, you have to ask if you can run around! You scared me!” Erin says, locks the gate, and skips inside to have her own lunch.

Almost every day is like this, except for the part where Peter escapes from the cage. We get up, eat, play, eat, exercise, eat, go to bed, repeat. Funny, right?

Sometimes, the children play with us, and Peter loves to show them tricks.

Once, the children were playing with us next to the cage when the door slammed closed, and the latch locked. Peter immediately went up to the door, undid the latch, and pulled the door open. The children shouted, and laughed and praised him. He likes that. It is fine by me, but I prefer to grab some celery and dive into a nice book.

Chapter 3

I stare at Peter. He is staring at something on the G.V.. It is this huge screen that plays videos and movies and such things. But we can only watch it in the middle of the night, as it is a secret. It has a remote, which we hide in a crack in the floor, and the G.V. itself is the wall. It is in their sight without them even knowing!

I am on my phone, talking to a Guinea pig in Tasmania, called Mia. If you were wondering, I live in Melbourne, Australia. Mia claims she was born in Melbourne, but one of our other Guinea pig friend, who lives in India, told me that Mia told her that she was born in the city in India than Vedaa! Funny. I do not know who is telling the truth.

Well, I should be getting off to bed now. See you in the mornoning….!

Chapter 4

“Missy!” I laugh. “Missy! Stop! Please…. I beg you!”

Missy, the eldest daughter, has come to tickle me! Well, actually she came to give me breakfast, but I was asleep when she came, so she woke me up like this! How would she like it if I woke her up in the morning like that? Crawling around on her belly as she was sleeping?

She has brought a huge variety today – strange. Grass, beetroot, carrot, apple, tomato, basil, mint, corn husks… and…oh my gosh.. is that?…. BLUEBERRIES!!!!

They only bring out blueberries for special things. But what.. oh! My birthday is today!

Camila is putting some weird cone on my head, and fastens it with a strap, so I cannot get it off.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ginny, Ginger, Gingercurtham! Happy birthday our boy!” They sang in harmony.

Then Mark shouted “Hip hip!” and everyone else shouted “Hooray!” They did this three times.

Missy is putting the food in the cage, and now walking off with the others.

I get up and do my best to walk over to the food without tipping over, as I still have the annoying hat on. But when I get there, I get a surprise.

“Oi! Get away from my blueberries!” I shout at Peter. As you might have guessed, Peter was stuffing blueberries into his tiny mouth while saying, “Ouch, ouch!” Hold on – saying “Ouch?”

“Why are you saying “Ouch”?”, I ask him.

“My ouchy tooth is ouchy!” he shouts and falls onto his back and laughs like mad. I don’t get it!

“Well, no use in them going to waste!” I say, and start digging my teeth into the flesh of a tomato.

Chapter 5

My birthday, which was yesterday, was great, except for when the dinner came. Missy brought us some leafy vegetables and grass, and some more blueberries. She watched us and soon took Peter away because he was squeaking a lot, and spat out all his food.

Today when I woke up, he was in the cage again, but one of his front teeth was missing!

“It fell out!” he bragges.

And the day goes like this – Missy and Camila keep checking Peter’s teeth, as he has one more wobbly tooth, Erin gives us food, Camila annoys me and we go to bed early (at nine p.m.!).

Chapter 6

Peter still isn’t better! In fact, he is worse, way worse! His other tooth fell out! Lucy did some research, I heard, and found out Peter had something called “vitamin C deficiency”. It means Peter was not getting enough vitamin C in his food! Erin was just saying that Peter is going to the vet’s tomorrow! The rest of today went like yesterday – boring!

Chapter 7

I’ve just woken up, and Peter is already gone! Well, it is about midday, so he is probably at the vet’s by now. I miss him very much! I wish he was here! Oh!

Here he comes! Mark is putting him in the cage right now. He looks fine – more than fine! He is trying to chomp some carrot, but it is hard to do so because there is a huge gap where his two front upper teeth were, so he piles up some grass instead.

“Can you tell me about the vet’s? Please?” I beg him, tugging at his arm like a little guinea pig.

“Not much to say, really. She did some checks, and let the kids do something, and I came back.” he said, and picked up an old blueberry from yesterday.

“Tell me more! Tell me more!” I squeak, widening my eyes to show him I really really really want to know.

“Well, fine! When we got there, the tea towel over my cage fell off and I saw this cute black bunny that was only eight weeks old. Then, I was taken to a room, where the vet examined my teeth, and shone a torch into my mouth and ears, and listened to my tummy and heart, then all the children did the same, looked at my ears, and felt my chin, because if the roots of my teeth were too long, she would feel them. Then, she polished my teeth, and gave me a full body massage with her huge hands!” Peter described, and continued eating.

“And…..?” I ask. I know he’s hiding something. Something that he is not happy about.

“And…. what?” he asks and chomps away.

“And what did she say?” I ask. He can be very stubborn. I can too. Charis calls us cheeky boys.

“Fine,” he finally says, “the vet says I have to…” he gulps. “Go on a…. diet!”

“Agh!” I shout. “How did she dare!”

“Dunno,” he says, and chomps on.

“And if you are on a diet, why are you chomping away?” I ask him, and give him a hard stare.

“She said ‘slowly’ change it.”

“ ‘Slowly’ eat more?”

He shies up the ramp to the upper floor, eating hay as he goes.

Chapter 8

It has been two days now since Peter has gone on the diet, and he is already complaining that he is always hungry.

But his diet has barely changed. He just has to eat more carrot and less trail mix, and play with loofah chewy toys, which seems like a treat to me.

Well, anyway, we got to run around the balcony today. And we got to run for an entire hour! The children took turns watching us, and told us tales of interesting things, such as how Siri picks her nose, and how Cassie only eats breakfast.

Other than Peter’s, ”gone wrong”, as he calls it, visit to the vet’s, every day is almost the same. Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, I hope you liked it. I originally wrote this for my Create A Challenge Pets badge at Girl Guides.

~by Venus

The Nut-Nut Jokes No. 2

Well, well! So you want another hilarious nut-related joke? Here it is!

You are in bold, the person you are talking to is in italic.



Can you say ‘nut who’ ten times as fast as you can please?


Umm.. just to.. say it..

OK….. nut who, nut who, nut who, nud who, nud doo, nud boo, nut oo…. oh gosh! I can’t say it…. ahahahaha!!!


So, this is a simple tongue-twister joke. If you try to say it too fast, you will start to say other things.

I made this one up ALL BY MYSELF! What do you think? Did you or people around you have trouble saying ‘nut who’ ten times?


~by Venus

The Nut-Nut Jokes No.1

So, every week or two, I’m going to be posting a joke about nuts. My friend got the idea of the name (Nut-nut jokes) when we were collecting nuts from under the trees at NGV (we weren’t allowed to take them all home. I kept only a small handful).

Today’s joke is a “knock knock, who’s there?’ joke. Play it on some people who will take it well.

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

I’m nut

I’m nut who?

(Person who said knock knock runs away)

I’m nut here!!!!

nut nut.JPG


All credits go to my friend. She made it up, then I added the bit where the person who started it runs away behind a wall, bush, clipboard etc. before shouting “I’m nut here!!” It worked really well – even I myself thought it was rather smart and funny!


~by Venus

Making The Female ‘Girl Bird’

So, remember when I wrote about making up a bird that was perfectly adapted to its habitat? If you don’t, read the post HERE!

Well, in my free time I made it up and drew it by myself, then told Mars about my idea.

“I was thinking of doing it the same way! AWESOME!” was what he said. So, here is the process:

First, I thought that I wouldn’t do the peacock/pom-pom tail, since it was for the male. The female would just have a couple of colourful feathers in her tail and that is it.

Next, I drew her body shape. It was going to be almost the same as the male body shape, but I drew the tail a bit thinner – just a tiny bit. Then I did the rest of the body.

After that was completed, I coloured in the body. I decided to keep the orange spot on either side of the head, since it was quite pretty and distinct.

And that was the end! It was quite easy since we had done most of the work already. I know I am not that amazing at drawing, but this is pretty good!


Are you going to create you own bird? If so, have fun!

~by Venus

The ‘Girl Bird’

Recently during our Logic class, my brother Mars and I were asked to make up our own bird, which is perfectly adapted to its habitat. This was a bit of a challenge, but we got there in the end!

We decided to make a bird that would live in the… tropical rain forest!

First, we tried to settle on a name. Mars said that we could name it “The Critically Endangered Girl Bird”. I’m not sure how it would be critically endangered since it was meant to be perfectly adapted. Since I could not figure out any other name, we went with “Girl Bird”.

Second, we thought of what it was going to eat and where. Worms? Seeds? Small animals? Other birds? Perhaps monkeys? The answer is….. insects off low branches and the forest floor.

Next, we looked at some birds that could walk on thin branches/sticks. We finally came across the Red-Capped Manakin, and after watching an AMAZING video of it doing the “moon walk”, that was the bird for us. The way it could move – amazing!

We thought that this bird should have short legs, since it catching insects off the ground. About 2cm tall.

After that step was completed, we had a look at the body shape. There were a lot to choose from! We even got body shape ideas that do not even exist, such as paper-thin or a squishy cube! We finally decided on a body shape a bit like a Kingfisher.

Then for the beak. First, we looked at birds and their beaks, then I goggled ‘bird beak shapes’ and we found lots of shapes, and they were labeled what they were best for, too! There were small beaks for grain eating, long, slightly curved ones for nectar and many more. We found one for insect catching –  the prefect beak!

As we found what we wanted, I drew the parts of the bird into paper. Once all the research was done, and the picture drawn and edited, we decided on colours! Mars thought that it would be pretty cool if there was an orange patch of bird skin on either side of the head, so I drew that on. I thought that this could be the male, and the brighter the orange spot, the more likely the female would choose this particular male.

Mars also thought what this bird should be all green, with brown feet, because other animals would like to eat it. I agreed that the body would be green, but that is should have a tail that opened up and be very colourful. It would look a bit like a cross between a peacock tail and a colorful pom-pom when it opened up. Probably for attracting a female, too. So I coloured the whole bird different shades of green, then put a few stripes of orange and red into the tale. We coloured the eyes a dark yet sharp blue.

And I drew another bird, this time with its tail open. I coloured most of it the same, but I made the tail SUPER colourful.

And that was the male done! I haven’t made the female yet, but I WILL write another post soon about how I made her.

What do you think? Is there anything you would do differently? Perhaps you can spend half an hour making your own bird! Maybe you would like to cut it out, add on some feathers and have adventures with? Perhaps instead of making a bird to perfectly fit its habitat, you would like to make the most creative bird you can think of? It is all up to you and your imagination!



~by Venus


The Pink Snake


The Pink Snake

Yesterday, I was mowing the grass in the backyard, behind a stone short wall, when I found a long, flat, PINK snake under a rock! I didn’t know what to do, so I screamed and ran away, like most people would do, even though I wasn’t scared of snakes. Soon, I decided to go over to the garage and get the old broom which was in-between the old pantry full of books and a wall. I wanted to poke the snake. Was it squishy or hard? I tiptoed back over the lawn, behind the short wall, to find that the snake was GONE!!!! I looked around the grass, but it had vanished! I decided that I must have been dreaming – I mean, is there such a thing as a PINK SNAKE???? So I turned on the lawnmower and kept going. And then…. Splat! Pink splatters went everywhere! So.. The snake had been real? And had gone under the mower…. AGHHHH!!!!!!!!


Note: This is fiction.

~by Venus

BIG How-To: How To Get Sick With The Flu

Well, most of us do not want to get the flu. But, if you are feeling too well, or just want attention, here is the how-to. But my warning is that it is super hard to get the Flu on purpose!

How to get the usually dreaded FLU:

Quick note: try as many of the things on this list as possible for a higher chance of getting the Flu.

Quick warning: You might also get sick with things that you DO NOT WANT!!! So, please do not try any of these!!

Another quick warning: This might go worse than you want. It might turn out to be a really bad case of the flu that you catch is a really bad case, and it might go WAYYYYYY worse than you wanted. So, PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS!!!

  • Get close to people who already have the flu.   It is highly contagious, so the more and the closer (but not too close; they might just run away because they think it is creepy and you won’t get the flu at all) you are to them, the more chance you will get the horrible flu.
  • Touch as many things you can in the shops and don’t wash your hands. Bits of the virus might be on clothing or door knobs or on the floor, or really anywhere.
  • Don’t get a flu shot. The flu shot is made to prevent the flu, so if you don’t have it, then you have more of a chance to get the flu!
  • Sit on the couch a lot
  • Eat junk food. If you don’t eat well, you might get weaker and it will be easier for the flu to get you.
  • Don’t exercise. Avoid it at all cost! It will weaken your immune system or something (I don’t remember exactly why).


So, here you go! But try not to get too sick. Just a little, so you have a couple of days off school or work.

Warning: This post was mainly for a laugh. Don’t really try this, unless you really want to. If you decide to get the flu for some queer reason, don’t try to get it too bad.

~by Venus


How to get the flu

The iPad

Recently, I’ve been doing a 5-paragraph essay on why the iPad is my favorite technology in English writing. I use the program Essentials in Writing and this was lessons 63-72 in Level 6.


Why The iPad Is My Favourite Technology


Have you ever imagined what the world would be like if a simple gadget would easily teleport you from one side of the world to the other? Even though we cannot exactly do that yet, there is some technology that can make us feel as if we are on another side of the blue planet, or perhaps even somewhere away from Earth! The iPad is one of these technologies that has impacted me immensely.

The iPad is amazing for communication and information. You can contact your friends, family, businesses, and any other person you can think of in a flash via email and many types of social media. Also, you can find all sorts of information on the internet, such as what type of plant has suddenly sprouted up in your backyard, or how to clean a dishwasher, or even some book reviews. Communication and information have never been so easy!

The iPad saves a whole lot of time, too. You can search the web quickly, easily and comfortably. For example, you can search for the newest and oldest barbies whenever you want, wherever you want (within reason). You can also connect with people anywhere in the entire world with the tap of a finger, without moving a millimeter using email, social media, and various other games and apps. The iPad really does save time!

You also have social media and a variety of awesome apps and games on the iPad. I can present stop motions that I made using some of my Barbie dolls to the world on Musical.ly , or a great five paragraph essay on why the iPad is my favourite technology on my shared blog! You can also play many educational apps and games, such as  Farm Story 2  by Storm8, which doubles as social media, as you can message anyone from anywhere on the entire planet! The iPad sure makes social media easy!

The iPad has really impacted my life, helping me with tons of things. I am able to communicate with people from the other side of the world, solve an extra hard maths problem in a split second, write stories without pen and paper, have loads of fun and a great deal more. I cannot wait to watch the iPad and other technology develop and impact millions of people further. The iPad has really helped me.



~By Venus

Planting Strawberries

In spring 2016,  I posted about the first strawberry of the season. In this post, I’ll show you how we planted some new plants in 2017, because we moved and the strawberry runners I took with me died.

Back in September 2017, our Mum bought a set with a pot, saucer, potting mix with slow release fertilizer, and some strawberry seeds, one set for each of us, and a green watering can to share (we bought the watering can separately).

We started off by opening the paper cover, and taking the bag of potting mix and little sachet of seeds out.


And then we got some permanent markers and decorated the pots, so we could tell which pot was whose.

Next, we opened our bags of potting mix and poured it into our pots.


Then, we pressed VERY (5-6mm) shallow holes in the soil, around 5cm apart. After that, we put a couple of seeds in each hole, and put the tiniest amount of soil back on top.

Lastly, we gave it a little sprinkle of water and we were done!


Best of all, we weren’t afraid to get our hands dirty!




We have some exciting news! We have found flowers on our plants! My (Venus’s) plant got a flower first.. then a week later Mars’s got THREE flowers! Now I have four flowers and one green strawberry (yay!!), while Mars has five flowers, but no green strawberries yet.

In a week or so, we are expecting my green strawberry to be ripe, and hopefully Mars’s flowers will soon drop their petals and start growing into ripe, red, strawberries!


In the next issues of The Dream Mag, I will be giving an update on our strawberries. I will keep giving updates for a while.



~by Venus