The Brave Princess – Chapter 24

The Brave Princess

Chapter 24


The men dressed in black walked towards Kimana’s van. They surrounded the van, leaving a dark shadow around them.

‘Where is the girl?’ said a man in a black suit, shiny, pointed shoes and a green necklace around his neck, opening Kimana’s driver door and pulling her our by the hair. ‘Where is Alice Hollos?’

‘Alice! Alice!’ Charelynn whispered and shook Alice, who was asleep in a bed on the top level. ‘Alice! Please, wake up! Hurry!’ Charelynn whispered into Alice’s ear, being careful not to be too loud.

Alice opened her eyes and moaned with drowsiness.

‘Alice! You have to wake up!’ Charelynn hissed and shook Alice violently. ‘Alice! Men in black – they are here looking for you!’

Alice’s eyes opened in a blink and was fully awake in seconds. ‘What men? The men that were slowing us down when we were going to the hospital? But, but that was months ago – tell me more, Charelynn! Tell me more!’ Now it was Alice who was shaking Charelynn.

Just then, Scarlett let out a moan and said, ‘Who are you? And what do you want? Ouch! Let go of me!’

‘We are followers of Master Smith, who broke out of prison just hours ago! You know who we are here for – Alice Hollos. We have information that she has been traveling with you, so we just want you to hand her over nicely and we’ll be on our way!’ the man who was holding Scarlett said. ‘Oh, and until you tell us where in this cursed van Alice Hollos is, I am never going to let you go!’ the man added and spat on Scarlett.

Meanwhile, up on the second floor of the van, Alice was searching for her phone. ‘Master Smith, prison, what, no, this, umm,’ Alice kept muttering. She found her phone and typed in her password as quick as wind, and searched the news.

And sure enough, there was a new headline. It read, ‘Mass prison break out – most savage criminals out on the streets!’. Alice clicked on the link and read through the article in two seconds and panicked. Many brutal people had broken out in the riot included Bob Kriel, Andrew Anderson, Kevin Creul, Smith DeCrow, Lindsey Madder- and Mr. Smith.

Alice showed it to Charelynn, who gasped. There was a picture of Mr. Smith with long, grey hair and beard, wearing pink overalls and cuffs around his hands. Another man was in green overalls with a bald head, with not a hair on his head or face. A lady with fading blue hair, done up in a huge bun on top of her head in deep green overalls. Then there where three men with no beards, but funny mustaches and gelled back hair in either orange, yellow or purple overalls. They were all on the run…

‘Hurry! Under the bed, I’ll move some boxes and then cover you. Quick!’ Charleynn whispered, pulling Alice off her bed. She moved the boxes out, stuffed Alice’s bags down under the bed, and Alice crawled under, all curled. The boxes just touched the top of bed, but there was a tiny crack so Alice could see out.

Alice heard people running up the stairs, then saw some pointy shoes run in towards Charelynn, who was about to sit down.

‘I’ve got her, Brick, I’ve got her! That was easy! Master Smith will be very pleased!’ said the first man in pointy shoes, pulling Charelynn towards him.

‘No, you fool! Master says that she is around eleven years old! That filthy woman must be at least thirty!’ the second man in pointy shoes shouted.

‘What did you just call me?! A ‘filthy woman’?! Your are the only filthy person in this room!’ Charelynn barked back at him, her face as red as a tomato.

‘Ok, he was a little mean. Please, say sorry, Brick!’ said the second man in pointy shoes to the first man in pointy shoes, whose name was obviously Brick.

‘NO, you fool!’ shouted Brick angrily. ‘We are powerful! We don’t need to say sorry to anyone, Leon! It should be them who are saying sorry to us!!’

Brick turned back to Charelynn. ‘I am going to ask you one more time nicely – where is Alice Hollos? Hand her over and we will leave you in peace!’

‘I have no idea who this Alice Hollos you speak of is. And if I did, I would never tell you!’

‘If that’s how you want it, fine!’ Brick shouted and pulled Charelynn’s hair.

‘Ouch!’ Charelynn shouted, and tried to punch him and Leon, but failed.

Brick gave another huge tug of Charelynn’s hair, which made her squeal in pain. Alice saw something land lightly in front of the crack between the boxes – something soft and brown – part of Charlyyn’s silky brown hair!

Alice gasped at the sight of the hair, and, unfortunately, Brick and Leon heard.

‘Brick! Brick! I heard something! Brick! It might be Hollos Alice! I found Hollos Alice!’ Leon said, prancing around the room.

‘I heard it too, Leon.’ Brick said grumpily, and stared into Charelynn’s eyes powerfully. ‘So, you lied, Chin-hook!’

Brick squatted down, but slipped in his pointy shoes and buried his head in the pillows and blankets, but soon sat down on the floor.

‘Well, what do we have here?’ said Brick, pulling the box in front of Alice’s head.

A blinding light filled her eyes. Then, she saw an outline of a man in a black suit…..

Bugs, Beatles and Butterflies

Have you ever seen ‘The bugs, beetles and butterflies’ exhibition at Melbourne Museum?

We have very recently seen it again, and I loved it. There are thousands of tiny beetles, almost as many butterflies and hundreds of spooky spiders! In addition to those, there are some ants, leaf insects, stick insects, mosquitoes and some other bugs.

There was a super cool ant show, where you go under the ants floor, and pop your head up into a plastic bump and see ants all around you. Ants can be all around your head, above, at the sides….

I was really shocked to find out that there are poisonous butterflies! Luckily, it can only poison birds and small creatures, but not humans or large animals.

Wondering how to get there? Once you get your tickets and face the forest gallery, turn to your left (or towards the huge whale skeleton) and walk forwards till you reach the dinosaur exhibition (which is on the right). Walk straight down, and keep looking to the right. You’ll soon find yourself next to walls of bugs. Feel free to walk around and find the ants, spiders and everything else there is to discover about this amazing exhibition.

I hope you have fun at the exhibition! Here is a sneak peek:



This is Toothless.  You can see him on Dragons: Defenders of Berk or Dragons: Riders of Berk on the ABC Me channel, in the movie How to Train your Dragon, or in the books  How To Train Your Dragon.

He naturally eats any type of fish from the sea. He doesn’t like them with anything, or dipped in anything like olive oil. Just plain, naked fish.

He likes to say “Raaa, Raaa, Raa” whenever he senses danger.





Join Girl Guides!

Girl Guides!

Are you a girl? Do you know about Girl Guides? If you haven’t go a clue about Girl Guides, I recommend you read below. And if you are a Girl Guide, I would love it if you read and comment what you think of my post.

You might know of us better as Girl Scouts, in some countries.

About Girl Guides:

If you are considering joining Girl Guides/Girl Scouts (which I hope you are), feel free to visit the WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) site to know more about worldwide Girl Guides. It has all the information about us.

If you want to know more about Girl Guides in Australia, please visit the Girl Guides site.

Are you wondering what Girl Guides (or GG for short) is about? Well, their goal is to empower girls and young women. And don’t worry if you are over eighteen! You can become a volunteer and go through training to become a guide leader!

And if you are wondering what we girls actually do, we have lots of fun. And plenty more things such as learning new things, meet new people, go on camps with our unit, attend and help in various events (such as marching in the ANZAC day march) and much more.

Our sashes and badges:

We wear our sashes and badges with pride. To earn a badge for your sash, you must complete some activities from your Badge book, show your unit what you have done, answer questions from other guides, then your Guide Leaders will give you the badge you have been working on.

And it is not just our sashes that carry our badges. Our old badges or ones that don’t get on our sashes go on our camp blankets. It can be any old blanket or piece of material – you old favourite tee-shirt, an old pillowcase, or a specially bought blanket.

I have not got many badges on my sash yet, but I’m working on quite a few at the moment, so I’ll update you each time I get a new badge.

How Girl Guides began:

Girl Guides was founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell. A group of girls in 1909 showed up at a Boy Scout Rally and declared that they were going to be Girl Scouts. Lord Robert Baden-Powell thought there should be Scouts for girls. So he started up Girl Guides.

The Guide promise:

Before we become Guides, we must make our promise. If you are becoming a Guide and having trouble remembering the promise, I’ve got a tip for you. First, you read our the promise out loud from a sheet (you might be given or you can print out, otherwise you can jot it down on a piece of paper) then once you remember it a little, say the promise to the mirror and look at the sheet only if you get stuck. Do this two – three times a day until your voice hurts or you remember it.

I promise that I will do my best

To be true to myself and develop my beliefs

To serve my community and Australia

And live by the guide law


That is the promise in Australia. If you are in the UK, for example, it might be a little bit different. Check with your Guide unit or leaders if you aren’t sure.


The Guide Law:

Yes, we have our very own law! It is a bit more difficult to remember that the promise, and although I joined Guides over a year ago, I still don’t remember it fully. I practice it in front of the mirror a lot, but I still keep looking at the paper.


As a Guide I will strive to:

  • Respect myself and others
  • Be considerate, honest and trustworthy
  • Be friendly to others
  • Make choices for a better world
  • Use my time and abilities wisely
  • Be thoughtful and optimistic
  • Live with courage and strength


I’m pretty sure the law is the same all over the world, although I recommend you check with your Unit or Leaders, just in case.


If you have any questions about Girl Guides or WAGGGS, please, comment and I will reply as soon as I can!







My Koala Research Project


Cuddly koalas might look like bears, but they are not. An adult koala can weigh anywhere between four and fifteen kilograms. It is covered in soft fur, lead-coloured on the back, and white on the belly. The ears are short, erect and pointed, with long, white hairs coming out of them. It has no tail, and has a sitting posture. The cute appearance of a koala is not easy to deny for most.

The koala lives only in certain parts of Australia. Eucalyptus forests and woods in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria are where koalas have been found. Koalas do not live in Western Australia, Northern Territory, or any other place on Earth in the wild. The koala has a very interesting and hot home.

Koalas have a very strict diet of Eucalyptus leaves. An adult koala is known to eat between two hundred and five hundred grams of leaves a day! Koalas might look as if they eat from any gum tree, but they are quite fussy, eating and sitting on only 120 species of Eucalyptus, out of the approximately six hundred species. Koalas are quite fussy eaters!

The koala’s fluffy fur is not just cute; the lead and white coloured fur is used for protection, too! The colour combination allows them to blend into and hide in the treetops from predators. No wonder they are often hard to find!

There are many interesting facts about this astounding animal. For one, koalas are NOT bears, although people often call them “koala bears”, which is incorrect. Another fact is that koalas cannot be kept as pets legally! Also, the native Aboriginals call the koala “koala-wombat”. The last fact I will add is that koala droppings, or poo, are often called Eucalyptus drops, as you can smell Eucalyptus in them. The koala really is a fascinating animal!

How NOT-to: How NOT to say Hello!


Do you know how to say hello? If not, you can see how to on my Quick How-To about that.

If you know how to say hello, you might want to know how not to say it, so you don’t do something to make someone make themselves feel hurt.




  1. Something not nice. I won’t say ‘Treat other how you want to be treated’, because if you want to be pinched, then what people are saying is more like: ‘Feel free to pinch others’.

Examples of not nice things to say:

  • “Hello! I don’t like you clothes!” and then push them.
  • “HEY! You are silly!”
  • Hello, you are weird!”
  • “I don’t like you!”
  • “I despise you! Hello!”
  • Other things like this, or that most people don’t like being told.


Also, you can’t say it differently from the way I told you to do it in my other post, Quick How-To: How to say Hello! , you might want to get some help.


The Dream Mag – Issue #1


This is The Dream Mag’s first issue! I hope you like it! So let’s get reading………….


Good Children’s Books


It is hard to find a really good book. Or a talented author. But there are some. I put together a list of what I think are the best children’s books I have read so far.


  • Where The Wild Things Are / Maurice Sendak
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar / Eric Carle
  • Charlie And Lola / Lauren Child
  • The Gruffalo / Julia Donaldson
  • Winnie The Pooh / A. A. Milne
  • We’re Going On A Bear Hunt / Michael Rosen
  • Peter Rabbit / Beatrix Potter
  • Guess How Much I Love You / Sam McBratney
  • The Ugly Duckling / Hans Christian Andersen
  • The Magic Finger / Roald Dahl
  • Dirty Beasts / Roald Dahl
  • The Twits / Roald Dhal


  • Harry Potter (All books!) / J.K. Rowling
  • Five Little Peppers and how they Grew / Margaret Sidney
  • Betsy, Tacy and Tib (Betsy-Tacy books) / Maud Hart Lovelace
  • Doctor Dolittle / Hugh Lofting
  • Heidi / Johanna Spyri
  • The BFG / Roald Dahl


Would you add any other books to this list? If so, please, comment below.


Random Thing of the Issue #1:


This old milk carton used to contain the milk I used to make my chocolate milk in the afternoon of 26/07/2017! There is not much more to say about it. The milk was nice.


Good Children’s Authors


Good authors are hard to find. It would be impossible to read every book in the library (let alone in the whole world) to find the best, so I’ve made a list of my favorite authors.


  • Jacqueline Wilson is a wonderful author. She has written 105 books as of the day I am writing this first issue. The Hetty Feather books are my favorite, although all of them are really good.  She has an official website, which you can visit Here.
  • Andy Griffiths is an Australian author, who writes beautiful books. The Treehouse series is probably my favorite of them all. He has an official website, which you can visit Here.
  • J.K.Rowling is the awesome author of the well known series of Harry Potter! She is one of my top 5 favorite authors! She has an official website, which you can visit Here. She also has Pottermore, which is all about Harry Potter. You can visit Pottermore Here.
  • Lauren Child is the amazing author of The Charlie and Lola series, and the Ruby Redfort! Ruby Redfort has her own website, which you can visit here! Lauren Child has her own website, which you can visit here!



Shell of the issue:


This issue’s shell will be one of my favourite shells! I like to call her Wavy. And no, I have not found out whether shells are shes or hes. The shell is just colourful and pretty so I decided to call it a she (it could be a he, though, I know!). Anyway, as you can see in the photo, she, oh, alright, it, has sort of waves on it, which is why I named h- it – Wavy. As I said earlier, it is colourful – sort of orangey-pinky-redy, which is why I like to call it a her. And no, it is not for sale, even if you said you would pay millions and millions of dollars!!!!!!!! And it is going to be in Pascoe Vale Museum!!!


Gem Stone of the issue:


This beautiful Peacock Ore Gemstone is my dear gem. I bought it a couple of years ago from the Melbourne Museum. I like to call it Pecky. I’m not going to say “he” or “she”, because you will just say that rocks or shells or feathers or things don’t have names. But what if I said that the dolls that you play with don’t have names and aren’t a boy or girl?  OK, lets get off the topic of dolls and boy and girl rocks and things. So anyway, isn’t it beautiful? It flashes different colours when the light hits it. So, if you want to see more of this stone in ‘The Dream Mag’, please, say so down in the comment section!! Pecky is going to be in Pascoe Vale Museum!


Random Thing of the Issue #2:


This is the pencil which my mum uses to write what we are going to do for school with. It is really special. It came in a big pack with lots of other pencils just like it. There isn’t much more to say about this pencil.


Songs of the Issue:

song of the issue.jpg

Ages 0-6: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star !!!

Ages 7-11: Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake !!!

Ages 12+: Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee !!!

Feel free to comment some songs you like for me to listen to and possibly even make Song of the Issue one issue!!


Barbie of the Issue:


So, what do you think of Camila? Well, that’s what I call her. And we all know this is a girl!! I got her earlier this year (2017) from an OP shop. She is originally from 1964. Yes, 1964! She came with this puffy, curly, frizzy, wonderful brown hair, just as it is in the photo. She came with no clothes on, and has absolutely flat feet. Not even an arch. I think dolls didn’t wear shoes, or at least not high heels, back when she was made. Her flat feet have a HUGE plus side!! Well, multiple, actually. 1. If we get very poor, I can sell her for her flat feet, because she is very rare and precious, (although I REALLY don’t want to sell her EVER!!). 2. She stands on her own without leaning against something or having a support or stand! Yes, I wrote that and you read that right! I have another Barbie I call Spring (I’ll make her Barbie of the Issue soon!), who has feet with arches, but not high heel feet. You will get more info on her in one of my future issues! Please, comment if there is anything else you would like to know about Camila!


Book of the Issue:


How to Save the Universe in 10 Easy Steps is a very nice, very funny, and very out-of-this-world book by Allison Rushby! I am not completely finished with is, but it is amazing! It is about a boy, Cooper, who lives in his home on Peregrination. One day, Cooper’s sister, Molly, says that she is actually an alien sent to protect Cooper! Molly tells Cooper that he is going to one day, yes, you guessed it – SAVE THE UNIVERSE!!!!!



Random Thing of the Issue #3:


I found these chopsticks right next to me on the table. We got them from a shop some time ago. I use them a lot. I even eat pasta, spaghetti, ravioli and ho-ko-so with them! There is not much more to say!

Clothes Item of the Issue:


As this is a VERY important issue, I though I would put one of my very favourite pieces of clothing in here! But then again, I love all of my clothes (Past, Present and Future) the same. This is the dress I made over the summer with a LOT of help from some of our friends’ Mum’s (who is my friend, too)!! Thank you very much!!!! I like to wear this with white tights, white shoes and, if it is cold, a shrug. I’ll make these clothes items Clothes Item of the Issue soon! I really Really REally REAlly REALly REALLy REALLY REALLy REALly REAlly REally Really really REALLY love this piece of clothing. Please, comment any questions you have about this!

Food of the Issue:


Yes, you see it – SPICY TABASCO SAUCE!!!!! I really Really REally REAlly REALly REALLy REALLY REALLy REALly REAlly REally Really really REALLY love this!!!! I love anything spicy! Whenever we have Chicken Liver with potatoes, I put in some tomato sauce and, yes, half a bottle of Tabasco! If you have any questions about Tabasco or spicy foods, please comment!!


Coin of the Issue:

Well, Well, Well! I don’t remember when I found this, but this claims to be an Australian penny from 1945! It has a kangaroo on the front, along with the year (1945) and the word, AUSTRALIA. I have researched these pennies, and lots of places they can sell for thousands of dollars! But I am not selling mine (yet)!


Random Thing of the Issue #4:


This is our T.V. remote. You probably know all about it just by looking at it. That is all there is to say about this remote.


Toy of the Issue:


This is the MOST important article in this issue. I got this doll just a few days ago from one of my friends (who is an author here on Sunshine Bubble Station!). And she isn’t just any doll, she is an INDIAN doll! You can take her bracelets off, although it is rather hard, but you cannot take off the dress. She is really pretty! Her name is Indiana. If you have any questions, please, comment below!


Map of the Issue:


This is the Craigieburn and Upfield lines map. We go on the Craigieburn line, unless we are going on train trips, otherwise we go on any line we please. If you have any questions about this map, feel free to comment below!

Random Thing of the Issue #5:


This piece of cork is the lid of our water jug, which we fill with water at the start of the day so we have quick access to it during the school day. There is not much more to say about this cork lid.


Part of the Issue:


I found this cog-i thing in our old backyard before we moved. There is not much more to say except it is going to be in Pascoe Vale Museum.


Word of the Issue:




Jewelry Item of the Issue:

This is MY real diamond bracelet that I got from another friend of mine (Who is also an author here on Sunshine Bubble Station!). It is adjustable, and it is NOT for sale. I love it very much. If you have any questions about this real diamond bracelet, please comment so!


Random Thing of the Issue #6:


This is my brother’s (who is also an Author here on Sunshine Bubble Station) eraser, which he writes spelling cheats on because it is his least favourite subject at the moment. There is not much more to say about this eraser except I used it to make my best drawing (which really isn’t that good).


Perfume of the Issue:


This is my Musk perfume that one of my friends (unfortunately, she doesn’t write on Sunshine Bubble Station 😦 ) gave to me some time ago. It smells like Musk. If you have any questions about my Musk perfume, please comment!




This coming Thursday is the grand opening of Pascoe Vale Museum! Pascoe Vale Museum has some awesome deals for you:

  1. Get free entry on your first visit!
  2. Get a free 10cent or 5cent gift from the gift shop!
  3. Buy a 50cent membership for member benefits*!
  4. The gift shop is not expensive and has a huge range of things!
  5. We are open daily from 6.00am to 8.45pm!
  6. Children under the age of two get free entry!

Unfortunately, you need to make a booking to visit.

*Member benefits include:

  • Get 5cents off your shop at the gift shop!
  • Get a discount off special events!
  • Children under three get free entry on every visit!


I hope you can visit PVM (Pascoe Vale Museum) soon!

Psssttt! Look out for a sneak peek of PVM in the next issue!


Clock of the Issue:


This is my little alarm clock that used to be my mum’s until she bought a new one. It is about nine years old since it was bought I think. I don’t set it much, unless I need to wake up to go somewhere very early, such as go to the hospital to get a blood test done that you can’t eat food before. If you have any questions about my dear alarm clock, please comment!


Random Thing of the Issue #7:


This is the meat thermometer we used to measure the temperature of the roasted chicken that we ate on 03/08/2017. There is not much more to say about this meat thermometer.


App of the issue: I have, so please follow me there!

If you are wondering what is, it is video social media.

My Musername: Cyrylka

Other People to follow:




Notebook of the Issue:


I got this notebook some time ago (I don’t remember the date, sorry!) from the Girl Guides OP shop in Essendon. It came in a pack with a notepad, magnetic bookmark, and a few other things. There is not much more to say about this notebook.


Notepad of the Issue:


I got this very beautiful notepad from one of my friends on 12th July 2017 at the start of a birthday/namesday party. I have written a couple of things in it. If you have any questions about this very extremely notepad, please, comment them!


Movie of the Issue:


Trolls. It is a wonderful movie about friendship, music and hair. I very Very VEry VERy vERY veRY verY very VERY VERY highly recommend you watch this as soon as you possibly can. No matter what age you are!

Joke of the Issue:


Q: Why was the boy blown away?

A: Because he saw a pink tornado!




Thank You For Reading!!!!!!!!!



My First (un)Friendly Letter

I wrote friendly letters long before I learned it in English class, so the task was really easy. There was an exercise where students were asked to compose and arrange the right parts of the letter in the right places. I chose Alice, the main character from my book, The Brave Princess, as the person writing to another character, Mr. Smith. This is it, nicely typed up on the computer:



7 July, 1972

Dear Mr. Smith,

     I am stuck on a cliff. Please, come and save me! This is all your fault because you did not let me sleep in – even ONCE!





That letter was not really friendly, but you get the point of what the letter is meant to look like and I hope the right parts are in the right places.





Have a Quick Laugh!


Boy: I’ve got an idea how to dry the dishes faster!

Girl: Yay! What is it?

Boy: You put the thing you want to dry in the towel and wrap it up, then leave it there for about ten minutes and do what you want, then later you come back to the thing that was wrapped in the towel, unwrap it and put it away!!

Girl: Ahhhh…. Well…right.

The girl looks gobsmacked and dried the rest of the dishes like their mum had taught them to.

The Brave Princess – Chapter 23


The Brave Princess


Chapter 23


The ambulance hummed on peacefully, until Kimana broke the silence. ‘It’s getting late, do you want something to eat?’ she said and drove into a drive-thru of a fast food chain and ordered Alice a burger and a cup of orange juice. Alice took a small sip of the juice, but it was far too…..  Sweet? Sour? Alice didn’t know.

An hour later, Kimana said, ‘You’ve barely touched your food! Alice, are you feeling all right?’

But Alice replied, ‘I am touching it, look!’ and bounced her finger on her burger.

Alice,’ Kimana said, gave her a stern yet gentle look and shook her head, but smiled warmly.

Alice didn’t touch her food the rest of the trip. Once the stars started to twinkle, Alice nodded her head to sleep.

All of a sudden, Alice heard a very loud HONK!!! ‘What’s the matter…!?’ Alice opened her eyes and tried to stand up, but she was locked to her seat by her seat belt.

‘Alice! Are you alright? Sorry that I woke you up – I’ve been behind these very slow-moving cars for a very long time and Charelynn says that Scarlett and Maria are getting worse!’ Kimana said, her eyes on the road. She honked the horn once more, and the slow-moving cars parted, letting the ambulance past. ‘Oh, and I just got a call from the hospital that Michael arrived in Australia and is being treated.’ she added.

‘Oh, umm.. alright,’ Alice said, and almost fell asleep when the words hit her. ‘Oh. How are Scarlett and Maria? How far from Love’n’Hopia? From the hospital? Kimana, please reply!’ Alice shot at Kimana.

‘Alice, Alice. It’s OK. Maria and Scarlett were getting a high fever, but the medicine should be working now. And we are about five minutes from Love’n’ho; OH, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!’ Kimana yelled. The four black cars that were blocking the ambulance just moments earlier had sped up and were now blocking the ambulance once more.

‘Oh, dear!’ Alice whispered, and shrank down in her seat.

‘OK! There is only one way to sort this! It’s the LAW!!’ Kimana yelled, turned on the siren and honked the horn. The cars parted once again, and Kimana rusheed the ambulance through the gap and went one hundred and twelve kilometer an hour straight to the hospital.

Once the hospital came into sight, Kimana, slowed down to fifty kilometers an hour, but kept looking back in the mirror. The cars were just visable on the horizon. They looked as if they were going very slowly, but Kimana kept saying, ‘And what if they speed up, those mad men??’ Alice could not argue with that.

They pulled into the ambulance bay, where lots of nurses and doctors in special suits came and unloaded Maria, Scarlett, Kimana, Alice and Charelynn with care. They gave all five of the women plenty of medicine, which, magically, cured Maria and Scarlett in only three weeks.

After more than two months, Maria, Scarlett, Alice, Charlynn, and Kimana were free to go. But the hospital did not let Kimana have an ambulance to take Alice, Scarlett and Maria back to the hotel.

‘But, we give you this huge double decker van, OK?’ One doctor offered, after Kimana yelled at them.

‘Yes, we’ll take it!’ Alice quickly said, when Kimana opened her mouth to respond to it. ‘But we will need it stocked!’

The doctor opened his mouth to reply, but he just led Alice and Kimana to the car park. He gave them the keys, and walked off. Kimana opened the door and found it was full of food, had a composting toilet, had beds and blankets and everything they needed!

Kimana got out of the van, locked it and said, ‘Alice, how do you always do it all sooo well?’ but walked off without an answer towards Maria, Scarlett and Charelynn. Soon, the four women came to the van, made themselves comfortable in beds, chairs or on the sofa.

But after the traveled for only twenty minutes, the black cars blocked them again. Kimana reached for the siren button, but there was none. ‘Drat!’

A few minutes later, Kimana had to suddenly brake, because the black cars stopped. Kimana honked the horn, but they would not move.

And then five men dressed in black came out of each car. They surrounded the van………..



~~~~~~End Of Chapter 23~~~~~~