Tropical summer cake

I made this recipe up, but it tastes good.


1 cup of caster sugar

1 cup of flour

7 egg whites

2 cups of mik

3 and a half cups of grated coconut

4 tsps of vanilla essence

3 and a half tsps of  baking powder


  1.  pre-heat oven to 180C
  2. prepare cake tin
  3. put the flour in a big bowl
  4. then put the caster sugar in
  5. put in 7 egg whites
  6. put in the milk
  7. stir
  8. put in the grated coconut
  9.  then put the vanilla essence
  10. stir again
  11. put  the baking powder in
  12. stir the baking powder in
  13. put the mixture in the cake tin
  14.  put the cake tin in the oven for 40 minutes
  15.  take the cake tin out
  16. take the cake  out of the cake tin
  17. put the cake on a plate
  18.  serve and enjoy

How To Play Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a party classic. It’s been played for many years by both children and adults alike. And it hasn’t only been used as a party game – before modern technology was invented, children played it for hours any day!

Most people know how to play musical chairs. But if you need a little hint to ring the bell, here are the rules:

  1. Start by setting the chairs up. There are many ways how to put them; in a circle, in a square, two rows back to back…. The possibilities are endless! It’s up to you how you do it.
  2. Now, tell all the players to each sit on a chair. There should be as many players as there are chairs.
  3. Start the music. When it starts, the players will start walking around the group of chairs. While the music is playing, take one chair out, so there is one child more than there are chairs.
  4. Stop the music. All the players must try to sit down on any chair as soon as possible. The player standing is out. If you are playing with young kids that might get upset if they don’t win, you can make another bunch or chairs elsewhere, then if they are out, they can still play their own game with those.
  5. Keep playing the music, taking a chair out, and eliminating a player till there is only one player left – the winner! If you are playing with small children who might get upset that they don’t get a prize (if you give out prizes), then give them a small prize too.

Now, that probably sound complicated. But it is not – I just put way too much detail in. Here is a simplified version:

  1. Put chairs in a circle.
  2. Play some music. Players walk around the chairs. While music is playing, take one chair out of the circle.
  3. When music stops, all players sit down. Person who does not sit down is out.
  4. Repeat this until there is one player left – the winner!

Easy? Great! I hope you have fun playing this game. Take the time to play this game with your child/sibling/friends once in a while – or perhaps everyday?



~by Venus

Party Game: How To Mix A Potion

Mix a potion in a party idea of my own. I made it up myself. Me. Venus. I made it up while planning a Harry Potter-Barbie party last November for myself and one of my friends (her birthday is one day before mine, so we have a linked party 🙂 ). I found a recipe online somewhere about making a potion out of glue, water and borax, which makes the very popular SLIME. I thought that this was a nice idea, but it would be even better if we could eat/drink out potion. So I decided to make it edible.


Possible Ingredients:

There are no ingredients you really need for this – just whatever you have in you pantry or fridge! You will need a ‘base’ for your potion – it can be partly set jelly, partly melted ice cream, whipped cream or anything else that is fluid enough to be able to be mixed in with some other ingredients.

Possible topping ingredients:

  • Shredded or desiccated coconut
  • Sprinkles, 100s & 1000, Cachous (those hard bead-like things that are used to decorate cakes, also called peals), and other cake decorating things
  • Crushed biscuit
  • Raisins/sultanas
  • Crushed Chocolate
  • Shredded carrots, cucumbers, apples or any other fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s)
  • Table sugar
  • Icing sugar
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Shredded cheese
  • Smarties/M&Ms
  • Anything else edible that you have on hand


Other things you will need:

  • Cups or ice cream cones
  • Bow
  • Spoons
  • Straws
  • Ice cream, partly set jelly, whipped cream, or whatever else your ‘base’ will be.


How to play/make:

This should be done on the morning of the party:

  1.  If using jelly as the base, make the jelly (any flavour you want/have) and put in fridge until it is cool, but not solid. Once it is starting to thicken, fill the cups or ice cream cones about half way full of  jelly. Put them in the fridge immediately. Check on them every 10-15 min. If they thicken, don’t let them set. Take them out till they aren’t thick. Try to make this a game at the start so you don’t keep running to the fridge (people might think you are eating the cake!)
  2. Take out some bowls. Fill each with different things such as raisins, cake decorations, sugar, etc. Put a spoon in each bowl.

When you are ready for the children to have some fun…

  1. Give each child an ice cream cone/ cup with base inside it and tell them to make a potion by putting somethings in their cups/cones.
  2. Once they are finished, give each a thick (smoothie) straw to each so they can try to  drink their potion and (if it is an ice cream cone) ice cream cone!


  • Use an ice cream cone (You don’t have to wash them!)
  • Check for allergies before setting it out – you don’t want the blame! And they don’t want the pain!
  • Put the jelly in the cups/cones approx. 30 minutes before you are going to start out. Otherwise, keep putting the jelly in and out of the fridge so it stays not too firm, but not too fluid, either.
  • You can whip the cream yourself with a blender, or buy a bottle of the one that comes out the top with a sqqqqquirt!



I hope you have a great time with this activity. It is really fun and easy – prefect for a little witch or wizards party!

BIG How-To: How To Get Sick With The Flu

Well, most of us do not want to get the flu. But, if you are feeling too well, or just want attention, here is the how-to. But my warning is that it is super hard to get the Flu on purpose!

How to get the usually dreaded FLU:

Quick note: try as many of the things on this list as possible for a higher chance of getting the Flu.

Quick warning: You might also get sick with things that you DO NOT WANT!!! So, please do not try any of these!!

Another quick warning: This might go worse than you want. It might turn out to be a really bad case of the flu that you catch is a really bad case, and it might go WAYYYYYY worse than you wanted. So, PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS!!!

  • Get close to people who already have the flu.   It is highly contagious, so the more and the closer (but not too close; they might just run away because they think it is creepy and you won’t get the flu at all) you are to them, the more chance you will get the horrible flu.
  • Touch as many things you can in the shops and don’t wash your hands. Bits of the virus might be on clothing or door knobs or on the floor, or really anywhere.
  • Don’t get a flu shot. The flu shot is made to prevent the flu, so if you don’t have it, then you have more of a chance to get the flu!
  • Sit on the couch a lot
  • Eat junk food. If you don’t eat well, you might get weaker and it will be easier for the flu to get you.
  • Don’t exercise. Avoid it at all cost! It will weaken your immune system or something (I don’t remember exactly why).


So, here you go! But try not to get too sick. Just a little, so you have a couple of days off school or work.

Warning: This post was mainly for a laugh. Don’t really try this, unless you really want to. If you decide to get the flu for some queer reason, don’t try to get it too bad.

~by Venus


How to get the flu

The Brave Princess – Chapter 34



The Brave Princess


Chapter 34


The maid put the phone down and sighed. Just then, another maid, whose shabby dress was a worn green rushed in.

‘Lola! You won’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Mr. Smith is here! Remember him? Alice’s old tutor! We should call the police! Oh, my, but he’ll hear them coming and run! He’s a fast runner.. Oh, what do I do? What do we do? Oh, help!’ the maid in the green dress whispered to Lola. She covered her face in her hands while tears splashed down her face.

‘Oh, Ava! Don’t worry, I’ve already found out about Mr. Smith. And called the police. But don’t worry. I asked them to keep the sounds and lights off so he doesn’t run. Here-‘ said, Lola, giving Ava a clean tissue.

Alice and Annora rushed over to Lucy. Annora carefully felt her over, then when she was sure there were no broken bones, she lifted her up and started carrying Lucy up the stairs, and Maria, Alice, Scarlett, Charelyyn and Kimana followed. But Mr. Smith spoke.

‘Oh, Alice! Come stay with me!’ he said. ‘Well, all of you! Stay with me.’

They all looked around at him and stared. After about thirty second, he said,

Fine, you can go,’ he said with a sigh. Annora kept climbing up the stairs, and the others followed. But after only a few steps Mr. Smith said ‘NOT’.

Alice said ‘Ugh, fine!’ and stayed. She walked around the room and looked at the cornice. There was a small part that she had decorated herself when she was only five years old – almost seven years ago! It has strange, uneven swirls, and hearts, and some things that she was not sure what they were meant to be. It had been so long since she had last seen them; almost a year, in fact!

She kept pacing the room, stopped in front of a window, and peered out. There were trees, bushes, flowers and paths in the royal garden, then she saw five police cars in the distance over the fence. They did not have any sirens or lights on. She smiled, then dropped her smile. They were probably for Mr. Smith, but she was not sure. Who could have called the police? She hoped that Mr. Smith failed to notice the smile, in case they came here for Mr. Smith.

‘Alice! Why are you smiling? What have you seen? Or are you just super happy to be with me?’ Mr. Smith said.

Oh dear, he saw! Alice thought to herself, then said out loud: ‘Yes, it’s a pleasure to be with you again, Mr. Smith!’

‘Really?’ Mr. Smith asked. Alice nodded eagerly. ‘Then explain why you so didn’t want to stay with me when I asked you to! Ha!’ This got Alice stumped.

‘Lola. Ava. I need you to come help me, if you could,’ Annora shouted out, walking down a hall to the maids’ bedrooms.

‘Oh my, are you ok, Ava?’ Annora said when she found the pair sitting on Lola’s bed.

‘Oh, yes. Ava just got a bit worried about Mr. Smith. She’s alright now, aren’t you?’ Lola replied straight away. ‘Well, what was it you needed from us?

‘Oh, right. I need you to come help me. Mr. Smith and his friend have hurt Lucy, and I need you to come help. Maria is a nurse, and might ask you to go fetch some things. If she does, you must get them as fast as you can. Ask questions if you must. Am I understood?’ Annora said really quickly that Ava and Lola could just make out what she had said.

‘You are understood,’ the girls said, standing up.

‘Right. Let’s get going then!’ Annora said, turning around and walking out of the room. Lola and Ava had to jog to catch up to her, as she was speed walking.

The three women found Lucy moaning in pain on a super soft king sized bed. Maria was poking at her, and feeling around her arms and legs.

‘I think she just has some bruises and concussion. She will need some pain killers – have you got any?’ Maria said, looking at Annora.

‘Yes, we have some Corgalin,’ Annora said in reply, biting her lip. ‘Ava, could you get it, please?

Ava nodded and ran off to the medical room, which was filled with bandages, needles, band-aids, gloves, medicine for anything there was a medicine for and many more thing related to medicine and medical help.



~~~~~~End Of Chapter 34~~~~~~


~by Venus

Quick How-To: How To Brush Barbie (Or Any Other Dolls) Hair

Have you ever played with a doll so much that her hair got into a fuzzy mess? Have you ever bought a Barbie doll from an OP shop? Well, these dolls probably have a case of “messy hair“!

But don’t worry – there is an easy fix! One word – brush! Yes, brush! Like you brush your own hair (unless, of course, your hair isn’t long,)! If you are having some trouble, read below for detailed instructions.


How to brush Barbie (or any other dolls) hair:

  You will need:

  1. A brush
  2. A doll
  3. You

  And for the how-to:

  1. Pick up your doll in one hand (preferably the hand you do not write with), and a brush in the other.
  2. Put the brush to the top of the dolls head, and press down. Pull the brush downwards to the tips of the hair.
  3. Repeat step 2 until the hair is smooth.
  4. Now you are done!
Happy Dolls!

Well, how is your doll’s hair now? Smooth? Silky? Well done! You can do this as much as you want now. And there is a fun fact too……







~by Venus


The iPad

Recently, I’ve been doing a 5-paragraph essay on why the iPad is my favorite technology in English writing. I use the program Essentials in Writing and this was lessons 63-72 in Level 6.


Why The iPad Is My Favourite Technology


Have you ever imagined what the world would be like if a simple gadget would easily teleport you from one side of the world to the other? Even though we cannot exactly do that yet, there is some technology that can make us feel as if we are on another side of the blue planet, or perhaps even somewhere away from Earth! The iPad is one of these technologies that has impacted me immensely.

The iPad is amazing for communication and information. You can contact your friends, family, businesses, and any other person you can think of in a flash via email and many types of social media. Also, you can find all sorts of information on the internet, such as what type of plant has suddenly sprouted up in your backyard, or how to clean a dishwasher, or even some book reviews. Communication and information have never been so easy!

The iPad saves a whole lot of time, too. You can search the web quickly, easily and comfortably. For example, you can search for the newest and oldest barbies whenever you want, wherever you want (within reason). You can also connect with people anywhere in the entire world with the tap of a finger, without moving a millimeter using email, social media, and various other games and apps. The iPad really does save time!

You also have social media and a variety of awesome apps and games on the iPad. I can present stop motions that I made using some of my Barbie dolls to the world on , or a great five paragraph essay on why the iPad is my favourite technology on my shared blog! You can also play many educational apps and games, such as  Farm Story 2  by Storm8, which doubles as social media, as you can message anyone from anywhere on the entire planet! The iPad sure makes social media easy!

The iPad has really impacted my life, helping me with tons of things. I am able to communicate with people from the other side of the world, solve an extra hard maths problem in a split second, write stories without pen and paper, have loads of fun and a great deal more. I cannot wait to watch the iPad and other technology develop and impact millions of people further. The iPad has really helped me.



~By Venus

Banana Panna Cotta Recipe

Not too long ago, Mum made up a banana panna cotta recipe. We had lots of bananas that were getting ripe too quickly, so she decided to make a delicious desert I’ve never had before. 🍮

Mum’s recipe:

  • 5 bananas
  • 400 ml cream
  • 12 gelatine leaves
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  1. Soak gelatine leaves in cold water for a few minutes.
  2. In the meantime, peel and chop the bananas. Put them in a food processor.
  3. Add cream to food processor.
  4. Put soaked gelatine leaves in half a cup of hot water and mix with fork briskly. Add to food processor.
  5. Turn on the food processor to the highest setting until smooth.
  6. Turn food processor off and pour mixture into moulds.
  7. Put in fridge for a few hours.
  8. Enjoy! Top with whatever you want. We grated some dark chocolate on top.

Tip: you can replace the banana with whatever you would like.

~by Venus

The Brave Princess – Chapter 33

The Brave Princess

Chapter 33

Alice!’ the four women came running, and stopped in front of the door.

‘When did you get here?’ Maria inquired.

‘Why are you dirty?’ Scarlett demanded.

‘Are you hurt?’ Kimana questioned.

‘Is this your home?’ Charelyyn anxiously asked her.

Alice did not reply to a single question, but tugged Charelyyn inside.

‘Get in now!’ Alice hissed, and slammed the door once all the women were in. They retreated from the door, and just then, they heard a fairly pleasant humming sound coming from outside. Alice lunged forward, wondering what it is, then darted back to Maria, Scarlett, Kimana and Charlyyn. A bit of saw dust fell on the floor from the door, and Alice thought she was dreaming when she saw a circle pop slightly out of the door. More sawdust fell onto he floor, and the circle came out a bit more.

The other three women thought they were dreaming too, but eventually a great big circle of the wonderful oak door fell out of its place, and someone stood in the hole – someone Alice recognized and disliked very much.

‘Excuse me, Miss Lucy, your bath is ready.’ Ramona said. She waited for a moment, and heard a soft buzzing sound.

‘Are you all right, Miss Lucy?’ She asked, but no answer came, so she pushed the door, glimpsed inside – and gasped.

Lucy was floating in mid air, moving from side to side, doing cart wheels and handstands, and her eyes glowed a pale red.

The maid ran down the hallways, down the stairs, and gasped once more. A large, circular, chunk of the beautiful front door was on the floor, the girls and a familiar man stood onto of it. His name was…

‘Mr. Smith? Aren’t you meant to be in prison?’ the maid said, and frowned.

‘Well, you see, I escaped, amazingly, and then I w- hold on- why am I explaining this to you? I now rule the land of Gradana and you bow down to me!’ Mr. Smith said, and pointed at the ground.

‘Why must I bow down to you?’ asked Alice.

‘Well, because I am your king! Obviously, silly girl!’ Mr. Smith giggled weirdly.

‘No, you are not my king. And if you are, when was your coronation? ‘ Alice asked, thinking she outsmarted her former tutor.

‘Yes, I am your king. And if I am not, who is? And what is a coronation?’ he asked, thinking he outsmarted his former student.

‘My father, Reuvan Hollos, is my king, and your king. And a coronation is a big ceremony that everyone in the world hears about, when someone gets crowned king or queen. I did not hear about yours!’ Alice said, and knew she had outsmarted him.

Mr. Smith went all toffee-nose, saying he had to eat, ‘as your king’, and ordered a passing chef, who was going off to have his break, to get food. The chef looked confused at first, but Mr. Smith had such a face that the chef went back to the kitchens to get him some day old turkey.

Meanwhile upstairs, Lucy was having trouble. Her hands were ripping up the fluffy robes, but she could not stop them! Once every robe, except the one on her, was on the floor in a pile of fluffy fabric, she sped towards the window, and got a glimpse outside. She saw black cars. She had never seen them before, but Alice had. They were the cars that had kidnapped Alice.

There was a man standing on top of one of the cars. He was quite large, and his name was Brick (of course, Lucy did not know this; she did not even know those cars had taken her niece). He was holding out his hand, moving it and bending his fingers to control Lucy (Lucy did not know this either). When Lucy tried to hold onto the edge of the window, she just ripped the wood she was grasping off, and darted out the door, and glided past Alice’s room, another bathroom, and many more bedrooms. She narrowly missed another maid, who had just woken up for her night shift and was walking out the door of her bedroom.

She floated above the banister of the stairs, her head scraping the ceiling.  When she got to Alice, the man that had been standing on the black car was just walking through a perfect circle of the door, which the other part of lay on the ground.  She gasped, and as the man moved his hand forwards and backwards, she started moving in the same way.

Queen Annora came running down the hall, and gasped.

‘Why is Mr. Smith here?’ she said, frowning at Mr. Smith. ‘And who are they?’ she asked as she glimpsed at Brick, Leon, Numbskull, and all the other bad men dressed in black clothes.

‘Ha ha! Annora! So nice to.. see you!’ Mr. Smith said, tugging Annora’s hair. ‘Well, I escaped from prison, and sent my trusty side kicks to find and capture Alice. But she is sly!’

‘Please, don’t tug my hair! And I don’t care if you got out of prison! I just want you back in there! And my Alice is not sly! You are! And, please, tell that man of yours to stop doing that to Lucy!’

Poor Lucy had been tortured, being banged against the walls, and now had many bruises and even a few small cuts over her. Mr. Smith nodded at the man, who flew her up into the air, and let go of her. She fell onto the floor with a thump, but was free from Brick’s grasp.

The maid who Lucy had almost bumped into about ten minutes ago, was just coming down the stairs when she heard the shouts. She crept down, and had a secret glimpse; and saw Mr. Smith! Knowing that Mr. Smith was not welcome at the Hollos’ palace, she crept back up the stairs, grabbed a phone and called the police.

‘Yes – I need the police at the Hollos’ Palace as soon a possible. Mr. Smith has come back. Yes, Mr. Smith. Of course, I’m sure that it is Mr. Smith! Anyway, I need police here as soon as possible. He is causing havoc! Oh, and also, could the police keep the sirens and lights off, please? Yes, it is necessary. If he sees them coming…. Yes, thank you. Bye!’



~~~~~~End Of Chapter 33~~~~~~


~by Venus

Planting Strawberries

In spring 2016,  I posted about the first strawberry of the season. In this post, I’ll show you how we planted some new plants in 2017, because we moved and the strawberry runners I took with me died.

Back in September 2017, our Mum bought a set with a pot, saucer, potting mix with slow release fertilizer, and some strawberry seeds, one set for each of us, and a green watering can to share (we bought the watering can separately).

We started off by opening the paper cover, and taking the bag of potting mix and little sachet of seeds out.


And then we got some permanent markers and decorated the pots, so we could tell which pot was whose.

Next, we opened our bags of potting mix and poured it into our pots.


Then, we pressed VERY (5-6mm) shallow holes in the soil, around 5cm apart. After that, we put a couple of seeds in each hole, and put the tiniest amount of soil back on top.

Lastly, we gave it a little sprinkle of water and we were done!


Best of all, we weren’t afraid to get our hands dirty!




We have some exciting news! We have found flowers on our plants! My (Venus’s) plant got a flower first.. then a week later Mars’s got THREE flowers! Now I have four flowers and one green strawberry (yay!!), while Mars has five flowers, but no green strawberries yet.

In a week or so, we are expecting my green strawberry to be ripe, and hopefully Mars’s flowers will soon drop their petals and start growing into ripe, red, strawberries!


In the next issues of The Dream Mag, I will be giving an update on our strawberries. I will keep giving updates for a while.



~by Venus