Soccer Barbie Letter

I wrote this letter for my English lesson – I decided to write about my new Made to Move Soccer Player Barbie doll, which I got for my Nameday (I’ll write a post about her soon!)


Dear Gracee,

How are you? I’m really enjoying my brand new, shop-bought soccer Barbie doll, which, after a long debate, I named Teresa. I love her soft yet slightly sticky hair – it slips right through my fingers! Today, while making a stop motion with her, I was surprised that her ‘joints’ made a very faint creaking sound when I moved them. I was also surprised by the doll-sized soccer gear – it was so cute, and easy to slip on and off.  Her plastic is also very smooth – and a lovely, dark colour, too! The smile on her face is wonderful, too – it warms my heart each time!

Lots of love,

From Venus

Watch out for the next post about Teresa, which will come next week!


~by Venus


Happy 2nd Birthday, Sunshine Bubble Station!

So, this year, on July 2nd, an amazing thing happened- it was two entire years since we created Sunshine Bubble Station! Can you believe it??!!


~Venus and Mars

Quick How-To: How To Eat Fruit

Well, it is pretty simple to eat a piece of this sweet food. And it is healthy, too!

How to eat a piece of fruit:

  1. Pick up the piece of fruit you wish to consume.
  2. Make sure the fruit is NOT rotten (I’ll do a how-to on this soon).
  3. Life the piece of fruit to your mouth.
  4. Bite into the fruit. Be careful not to bit too much, though!
  5. Chew the fruit in your mouth until it is a pulp.
  6. Swallow the fruit pulp.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 until all the fruit is gone.
  8. Now you are done!


How did it taste? Tangy? Sweet? Sour? I do hope you had enjoyed it!

What else would you like a how-to on? Is there a particular things you have trouble with? Your feed back would be most helpful!


~by Venus



The Brave Princess – Chapter 38

The Brave Princess

Chapter 38

Alice spun her head around, and saw her mother running toward her. Mrs. Hollos’ arms wrapped around Alice and they hugged for ages.

After a couple of minutes, Mr. Hollos came into the room and crouched down next to Alice and Mrs. Hollos. All of a sudden, they heard angry shouts coming from outside.

‘You silly! You don’t know who I am! I am the famous Mr. Smith…. I need to be free, I have rights! You need to go to prison, not me! You are… are… mindless, ignorant, dull people who know nothing!’ Mr. Smith was shouting at the top of his voice from inside of a police car, this face red as a tomato.

‘Whatever!’ a couple of police officers said, rolling their eyes.

‘You empty-headed people!’ Mr. Smith shouted as the doors were locked and some police officers got in the car and tried to start the engine. But when they turned the key, the engine coughed and spluttered, then sighed. They tried again, and again, but the same thing happened.

Meanwhile, Ella and her family drove along a very long road. They had already been on it for two hours, and it seemed there was no end to it in sight!

But after only a couple of minutes, Ella’s father called out. ‘We’re almost at the end of this dreaded road, darlings! We will be at the Hollos’ palace in about…’

‘Five hours?’ asked Ella, grinning.

‘Five minutes?’ asked Cleo, beaming.

‘Five days?’ asked Mrs. Moore with a shy smile.

‘Well, you are all correct in a way.. it will be about five days, five hours and five minutes until we get there! Well, look on the bright side – at least it isn’t five weeks, right?’

‘You see! I have magical powers and you cannot take me away against my will! I am invincible! You blank-minded freaks!’ Mr. Smith shouted as the police officers got out of the police car and called the station to get another high-security car to take him to prison.

Soon enough, another police car came, and Mr. Smith was transferred to it successfully. The car drove off to a far-away prison.

Alice sighed as she wandered up the stairs alone, not knowing where she was going or what she wanted to do. She soon came across the room where Maria was answering Lucy’s questions, as she still didn’t remember somethings.

‘And where is Alice? And Annora?’ Lucy asked nervously.

‘Well…’ Maria said slowly. She did not know where Alice was. She could be pretty much anywhere at the moment!

~~~~~~End Of Chapter 38~~~~~~

Why I Don’t Want To Come To School

I make up lots of reasons why I don’t want to do school. I don’t like school. It is boring! Maths, Reading, Spelling……. I hate it! I try to get out of it, but I can’t. I say weird things. Most are not true. I get in big trouble, so don’t copy me!

My reasons

  • Because I need to clean up
  • Because it takes so long
  • Because it’s hard
  • Because I don’t have a big break
  • Because there are too many students
  • Because I want to play with toys
  • Because there is too much noise
  • Because there is a solar bang in the big bang
  • Because the birds are annoying
  • Because the students are disturbing me all the time
  • Because school doesn’t have enough power
  • Because it is boring
  • Because it is useless
  • Because I want to stay in bed
  • Because I am too sleepy
  • Because I am tired
  • Because my hand can’t write – it is too weak
  • Because I need to finish my game
  • Because I am eating
  • Because I’m hungry
  • Because I am too full
  • Because I’m in the middle of my imaginary play
  • Because my head blows up because of too much thinking
  • Because it’s not important
  • Because I’m thirsty
  • Because I  want to jump on the trampoline
  • Because I want to play outside
  • Because I’m looking at maps (I love maps! Especially the public transport ones!)
  • Because I don’t need it
  • Because the thunderstorm is scary
  • Because I am in Australia, I don’t need to know how to speak Polish
  • Because the garbage truck is too loud
  • Because I’m too hot
  • Because I’m too cold


If you were wondering, this is a re-post. It has been more than one and a half years since I originally posted it – can you believe that????

-by Mars


Identifying Barbie – Taylah

So, this is Taylah. I think she is kinda cute. Of course, her head looks like it is about to fall off and any moment, but it won’t.  I bought her at an OP Shop (obviously), and I have no idea what type of dolls she is (obviously). So, I was hoping that you might have an idea what type of doll she is..?

She, like Maria, MCSR and Sandy, has wide, flat feet. Hard to shop for, but that’s OK.

She also has some pink swirly tattoos on the upper part of her left arm and her lower torso. I’m not sure if someone used one of Barbie tattoo sets or if they came on the doll. I can’t find anything about that.

So, as usual, here is what you need to know:

Name: Taylah

Type of doll: Unknown

Legs: Snap knees with large, flat feet

Head mould: 1998

Body mould: 1999

Lips: Pink which looks a bit like a shade of purple in some lights. Or purple that looks like pink in some lights. I’m not too sure yet..

Blue eyes

Noticeable, black lashes

Blonde hair with a couple of pink stripes through it

Tattoos on left arm and torso (I’m not sure if they are original or not – but they won’t come off)

Snap knees are broken (they keep snapping back int the middle position – there are 3 snaps)

So, I think that is all. If there is anything else you would like to know, please comment down below! And thank you very, very much!


~by Venus


The Brave Princess – Chapter 37

The Brave Princess


Chapter 37


Lucy walked in circles, trying to remember things. She remembered that she had been driving in her car, then it failed to stop and rolled down a hill… then she walked back up the hill and then she walked down a road… and that was it. Did she find magic and be transported to some strange place?

Just as Lucy stopped walking in circles, Maria woke up.

‘Hi Maria! I hope you slept well. But, I have a question… where are we? I can’t remember. And…’ Lucy said in a rush. ‘I thought you were away with Alice trying to get back to her… oh my!’ Lucy gasped – she was that the Hollos’ Palace! With Alice! She had made it! But… where was Alice? And why couldn’t she remember coming? How long had she been here? When did Maria get here? Who else is here? Where is Annora? What is that wailing sound? She has a tonne of questions to ask, but who to ask?

‘Don’t worry Lucy. You should be fine. You might have some memory loss, but you should be fine.’ Maria answered sleepily. ‘When did you get up though?’

‘Oh…umm, well… what did I forget?’ Lucy answered anxiously.

‘Lulu, you’ll be fine. You said you forget how you got here. Well, I was told you walked here, then you were tortured by some bad guys and then when you fell we took you up,’

Hugo immediately signaled for everyone to run inside and get Mr. Smith. He ran in first, with Anne-Marie., and all the others followed. And that is when they discovered what had really happened….

Mr. Smith was standing next to a broken window, a cut on hand. He was wailing, while Alice sat in the middle of the room, petrified.

A couple of the police officers were told to go and check Alice, while the rest ran over to Mr. Smith.

“Are you OK, Miss Alice?” asked the police woman, whose name was Adelia.

‘Umm.. yes, I think I’m OK. It was just a bit scary..’ answered Alice, and then fainted.

Lafe, the police man looked at Adelia, then at Alice.

Suddenly, some people panicking came running down the stairs at Alice with their arms out in front of them.

‘Who are ‘we’, Maria?’

‘Oh, well..’ Maria took a deep breath. ‘We are at the Hollos’ Palace,’

‘At the Hollos Palace? Oh gosh…. with Alice? Has she seen me like this? What about Annora?’ Lucy asked, walking in circles faster and faster.

‘Lucy, I already told you – it’s fine. Alice and Annora helped carry you up to here. Annora is getting a coffee and a book, and Alice is down stairs…’

Now, back all the way with Alice’s cousin Ella and her family, things were all in a rush. They had not gotten a reply from Annora yet – but that was pretty obvious since they had only sent the letter a few days ago and it takes more than a week to have the mailman collect all the letters, get them to where they have to be, then take the letters back.

But everyone was far too concerned to wait for the letter to get there and back. In fact, they would probably get the Hollos’ Palace quicker than the letter would!

So everyone started packing their old, dusty suitcases that made them sneeze. Mary was packing some clothes, a bit of money, a picture of her family and her grandma’s old  bracelet, which was made of silver, gold and a few slithers of turquoise.

Ella’s little sister Cleo packed her favorite picture book, her only five dollar note, a couple of nice outfits and her small china doll.

Ella’s mum and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Moore, were packing two huge suitcases – one for things for the whole family, and one for themselves. In the one for the whole family, they packed some soap, towels, plates, cutlery, full water bottles, non-perishable food toothbrushes and toothpaste for everyone and a hairbrush. In the one for themselves, they packed clothes, enough money to last them for a couple of weeks and their wedding china, and then filled the rest with some more food, water and a thin yet warm blanket.

Once everyone was ready, the piled into their small, red car. The children sat in the back, while the adults were in the front.

‘Seat belts on?’ asked Mr. Moore in a rush. He too was eager to find out what happened to Alice.

‘Yes!’ answered everyone in the car with a hint of impatience in their voices.

‘Ok! Lets goooo,’ he answered as they skidded down the snowy road.


~~~~~~End Of Chapter 37~~~~~~



~by Venus

The Life Of Ginny

So, this is a story back from December 2017. It is about a guinea pig named Gingercurtham, and his “boypig”, Peter. I thought you might want to read it again, or read it if you only just found Sunshine Bubble Station.


The Life Of Ginny

The Full Story


Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Ginny. Ginny is short for Ginger. And Ginger is short for Gingercurtham. Long name, right? Well, that is what my owners, Lucy and Mark, call me.

And they also have children – four of them! They are always putting their grubby hands on my fur. I do not want to sound mean, but seriously? Do they have any idea how hard it is to get mouth-water or cotton candy out of fur? I often need Peter to help me.

Peter is my room-mate and boy pig. I think humans call the them boyfriends. I once heard one of the children, Chris, the only boy, who is four, say that he is a boyfriend to some girl named Ciri or Siri or something of the such. I think she picked me up once, and she looks much bigger than Chris. Maybe fifteen years or so?

So, now it is breakfast time, anyway. Ella is just coming out with some fresh vegetables. Ohh, carrot is my favourite! And celery is Peter’s.

Oh, and if you were wondering, I have brown and white fur, and shiny white teeth which love chomping on carrots and grass.


Chapter 2

“Peter!” I shout. “Come back, honey carrot!”

Peter is often very cheeky, but something seems wrong today!

When Erin, the youngest daughter, came to give us lunch and opened the door to put the grass, hay and carrot in, Peter slipped out of the cage, under her hand, and is now running round the balcony (our cage is on the balcony).

And Erin’s hands look sticky, so I’ll probably have to help Peter later, as Erin will have to catch him. Oh, well. That is what you get for doing something as a Guinea Pig without permission.

After a while of Erin running around, Peter was back in the cage of me, giving me a quick kiss.

“Silly Peter, you have to ask if you can run around! You scared me!” Erin says, locks the gate, and skips inside to have her own lunch.

Almost every day is like this, except for the part where Peter escapes from the cage. We get up, eat, play, eat, exercise, eat, go to bed, repeat. Funny, right?

Sometimes, the children play with us, and Peter loves to show them tricks.

Once, the children were playing with us next to the cage when the door slammed closed, and the latch locked. Peter immediately went up to the door, undid the latch, and pulled the door open. The children shouted, and laughed and praised him. He likes that. It is fine by me, but I prefer to grab some celery and dive into a nice book.

Chapter 3

I stare at Peter. He is staring at something on the G.V.. It is this huge screen that plays videos and movies and such things. But we can only watch it in the middle of the night, as it is a secret. It has a remote, which we hide in a crack in the floor, and the G.V. itself is the wall. It is in their sight without them even knowing!

I am on my phone, talking to a Guinea pig in Tasmania, called Mia. If you were wondering, I live in Melbourne, Australia. Mia claims she was born in Melbourne, but one of our other Guinea pig friend, who lives in India, told me that Mia told her that she was born in the city in India than Vedaa! Funny. I do not know who is telling the truth.

Well, I should be getting off to bed now. See you in the mornoning….!

Chapter 4

“Missy!” I laugh. “Missy! Stop! Please…. I beg you!”

Missy, the eldest daughter, has come to tickle me! Well, actually she came to give me breakfast, but I was asleep when she came, so she woke me up like this! How would she like it if I woke her up in the morning like that? Crawling around on her belly as she was sleeping?

She has brought a huge variety today – strange. Grass, beetroot, carrot, apple, tomato, basil, mint, corn husks… and…oh my gosh.. is that?…. BLUEBERRIES!!!!

They only bring out blueberries for special things. But what.. oh! My birthday is today!

Camila is putting some weird cone on my head, and fastens it with a strap, so I cannot get it off.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ginny, Ginger, Gingercurtham! Happy birthday our boy!” They sang in harmony.

Then Mark shouted “Hip hip!” and everyone else shouted “Hooray!” They did this three times.

Missy is putting the food in the cage, and now walking off with the others.

I get up and do my best to walk over to the food without tipping over, as I still have the annoying hat on. But when I get there, I get a surprise.

“Oi! Get away from my blueberries!” I shout at Peter. As you might have guessed, Peter was stuffing blueberries into his tiny mouth while saying, “Ouch, ouch!” Hold on – saying “Ouch?”

“Why are you saying “Ouch”?”, I ask him.

“My ouchy tooth is ouchy!” he shouts and falls onto his back and laughs like mad. I don’t get it!

“Well, no use in them going to waste!” I say, and start digging my teeth into the flesh of a tomato.

Chapter 5

My birthday, which was yesterday, was great, except for when the dinner came. Missy brought us some leafy vegetables and grass, and some more blueberries. She watched us and soon took Peter away because he was squeaking a lot, and spat out all his food.

Today when I woke up, he was in the cage again, but one of his front teeth was missing!

“It fell out!” he bragges.

And the day goes like this – Missy and Camila keep checking Peter’s teeth, as he has one more wobbly tooth, Erin gives us food, Camila annoys me and we go to bed early (at nine p.m.!).

Chapter 6

Peter still isn’t better! In fact, he is worse, way worse! His other tooth fell out! Lucy did some research, I heard, and found out Peter had something called “vitamin C deficiency”. It means Peter was not getting enough vitamin C in his food! Erin was just saying that Peter is going to the vet’s tomorrow! The rest of today went like yesterday – boring!

Chapter 7

I’ve just woken up, and Peter is already gone! Well, it is about midday, so he is probably at the vet’s by now. I miss him very much! I wish he was here! Oh!

Here he comes! Mark is putting him in the cage right now. He looks fine – more than fine! He is trying to chomp some carrot, but it is hard to do so because there is a huge gap where his two front upper teeth were, so he piles up some grass instead.

“Can you tell me about the vet’s? Please?” I beg him, tugging at his arm like a little guinea pig.

“Not much to say, really. She did some checks, and let the kids do something, and I came back.” he said, and picked up an old blueberry from yesterday.

“Tell me more! Tell me more!” I squeak, widening my eyes to show him I really really really want to know.

“Well, fine! When we got there, the tea towel over my cage fell off and I saw this cute black bunny that was only eight weeks old. Then, I was taken to a room, where the vet examined my teeth, and shone a torch into my mouth and ears, and listened to my tummy and heart, then all the children did the same, looked at my ears, and felt my chin, because if the roots of my teeth were too long, she would feel them. Then, she polished my teeth, and gave me a full body massage with her huge hands!” Peter described, and continued eating.

“And…..?” I ask. I know he’s hiding something. Something that he is not happy about.

“And…. what?” he asks and chomps away.

“And what did she say?” I ask. He can be very stubborn. I can too. Charis calls us cheeky boys.

“Fine,” he finally says, “the vet says I have to…” he gulps. “Go on a…. diet!”

“Agh!” I shout. “How did she dare!”

“Dunno,” he says, and chomps on.

“And if you are on a diet, why are you chomping away?” I ask him, and give him a hard stare.

“She said ‘slowly’ change it.”

“ ‘Slowly’ eat more?”

He shies up the ramp to the upper floor, eating hay as he goes.

Chapter 8

It has been two days now since Peter has gone on the diet, and he is already complaining that he is always hungry.

But his diet has barely changed. He just has to eat more carrot and less trail mix, and play with loofah chewy toys, which seems like a treat to me.

Well, anyway, we got to run around the balcony today. And we got to run for an entire hour! The children took turns watching us, and told us tales of interesting things, such as how Siri picks her nose, and how Cassie only eats breakfast.

Other than Peter’s, ”gone wrong”, as he calls it, visit to the vet’s, every day is almost the same. Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, I hope you liked it. I originally wrote this for my Create A Challenge Pets badge at Girl Guides.

~by Venus